3MT Competition - Judges and MC

Judges and MC for 2017 are yet to be announced.  

2016 Judges and MC

MC - Scott Youlten 

When Scott left school he had no idea what a Scientist was, let alone that he wanted to be one. The idea crept up on him while studying a commerce/science double degree and wishing his finance exam would be over and done with so he could finally relax and study some biochemistry…what a weirdo!

Switching to an advanced science degree in which he majored in molecular biology, his honors project focused on the genetic control of a gene known to be pivotal in the progression of many types of cancer. With this taste of the research environment confirming a passion for discovery, Scott is now completing a PhD at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, conjoint with the UNSW Faculty of Medicine, examining the genetic control of the skeleton to define the genes that a critical for bone health. The collaborative nature of this project has given him the opportunity to travel to work alongside colleagues in London and Cambridge, and present his project to a wide range of audiences including at the UNSW 3MT Final in 2015.

After receiving the 3MT Peoples Choice and the Aspire awards for the talk “Skeletal Marriage Counselling” last year, Scott has had the fantastic opportunity to present his work on Radio Nationals “Science Show” and in many scientific forums. But one of the most rewarding experiences to come from last years competition was to hold workshops at disadvantaged high schools and interact with the students who had humbled him with the Aspire award – many of whom he is sure will one day clean sweep the 3MT competition!       


Judge - Kathy Bail 

KATHY BAIL is the chief executive of UNSW Press Ltd, a company owned by UNSW that publishes about 50 new titles a year, including scholarly books and general non-fiction. It manages the campus bookshop at UNSW and its NewSouth Books sales division represents more than 100 publishers from Australia, USA and the UK.

She is a member of the Library Council of NSW, the board of Artspace, a contemporary art centre in Sydney, the Trade Publishers Committee of the Australian Publishers Association and the UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Advisory Council.

She has had extensive experience in media management, editing magazines such as The Bulletin with Newsweek, The Australian Financial Review Magazine and Rolling Stone.

Judge - William Yang

William Yang was born in North Queensland, Australia. He moved to Sydney in 1969 and worked as a freelance photographer documenting Sydney’s social life which included the glamorous, celebrity set and the hedonistic, sub-cultural, gay community.

In 1989 he integrated his skills as a writer and a visual artist. He began to perform monologues with slide projection in the theatre. These told personal stories and explored issues of identity. He has done eleven full-length works and most of them have toured the world.

William’s current work is photo based, doing performances in theatres and exhibitions in galleries.  He has just converted three of his live performance pieces into films at the University of NSW. He does story telling workshops.


Judge - Dr Tim Dean

Tim is the Science & Technology editor at The Conversation. Tim has been a science and technology writer and editor for over 15 years. His work has appeared in print and online in numerous outlets around the world. He has been the editor of Cosmos, Australian Life Scientist and PC & Tech Authority magazines. Tim is also columnist for ABC's The Drum and ABC Religion & Ethics 

Tim holds a philosophy PhD with focus on ethics, evolution, game theory, psychology and politics.


Judge - Tilly Boleyn

Tilly is a curator of Science, Health and Medicine at the Sydney's Powerhouse Museum. Tilly’s research interests focus mainly on science. She is particularly passionate about researching all aspects of health, medicine, pseudoscience, science education, technology and new knowledge that can develop from art/science collaborations.

Her main focus in the next few years is in researching infectious diseases, public perception of risk and public health in historical and contemporary contexts. In addition to these topics she will be investigating the impact of interactive gaming in museum exhibitions. Drawing on her expertise as a previous science broadcaster in radio and TV, Tilly has an interest in expanding understandings of festival management, audience engagement and the impact of these in a museum environment.