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UNSW's portfolio of more than one hundred and twenty Centres and Institutes comprises both
Internal Centres and Institutes, which UNSW controls and operates, and External Centres
and Institutes, where responsibility is shared with other institutions and organisations.

The Centres Secretariat, which operates within the Research Strategy Office, provides services
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Update on contacting the Centres Secretariat - Updated 29 October 2014
Finance Manager, Russell Edwards, has taken well-deserved retirement. For all Centres Secretariat
issues, please contact Peter Krug by e-mail or by phone on extension 59736.
New Commonwealth Industry Growth Centres
- Updated 15 October 2014
On 14 October 2014 the Prime Minister and the Industry Minister announced new Industry Growth Centres which aim to improve collaboration between industry and research organisations.
The five priority areas for the new Centres align closely with the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Program:

  1. Food and Agribusiness
  2. Mining Equipment, Technology and Services
  3. Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals
  4. Advanced Manufacturing
  5. Oil, Gas and Energy Resources

Centres need to be industry-led and will be rolled out from early 2015. Each Centre will receive approximately $3 to 4 million pa for 4 years and is then expected to be self-sustaining. An additional pot of around $60M will be available for projects on a competitive basis.

Please see details at http://www.industry.gov.au/industry/Pages/Industry-Growth-Centres.aspx#header.

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Centres and Institutes Listed by Category

National Research Centres

Bionic Vision Australia (BVA)

Director: Prof Anthony Burkitt

Centre for International Finance and Regulation (CIFR)

CEO: Prof David Gallagher
Centre Director: Mr Tim Gapes

Centre for Social Impact (CSI)

CEO: Dr Andrew Young
Academic Director: Scientia Prof Roger Simnett
Director of Research-Outcomes Measurement: A/Prof Kristy Muir

The Kirby Institute for Infection and Immunity in Society (Kirby Institute)

Director: Prof David Cooper

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UNSW Community Centres

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)

Director: Prof Karin Sanders

NSW Cancer Survivors Centre (NSW CSC)

Director: Prof Andrew Lloyd

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Joint Community Centres

Centre for Eye Health (CFEH)

Director: Prof Michael Kalloniatis

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Cooperative Research Centres

Advanced Manufacturing CRC (AMCRC)

CEO: Mr Andrew McLellan

Poultry CRC

CEO: Prof Mingan Choct

Capital Markets CRC (CMCRC)

CEO: Prof Michael Aitken

CRC for Advanced Composite Structures (CRC-ACS)

CEO: Prof Murray Scott

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UNSW Research Institutes

Australian Energy Research Institute (AERI)

Director: Prof Vassilios Agelidis

Australian Institute for Population Ageing Research (AIPAR)

Director: Prof John Piggott

Brain Sciences UNSW

Convenor: Prof Simon Killcross

National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA)

Director: Prof Jill Bennett

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UNSW Program Centres

Institute of Environmental Studies (IES)

Director: Prof Graciela Metternicht

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Affiliated Medical Research Institutes

Black Dog Institute

Executive Director: Prof Helen Christensen

Children's Cancer Institute (CCIA)

Executive Director: Prof Michelle Haber

Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Director: Prof John Mattick AO FAA

The Health-Science Alliance (HSA)

Chairman: Mr Peter Joseph AM

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UNSW Research Centres

Australian Centre for Astrobiology (ACA)

Co-Directors: Prof Martin Van Kranendonk, Prof Chris Tinney

Australian Centre for Commercial Mathematics (ACCM)

Director: Prof Bruce Henry

Australian Human Rights Centre (AHRCentre)

Director: Prof Andrea Durbach

Australian Centre for NanoMedicine (ACN)

Co-Directors: Prof Maria Kavallaris, Prof Justin Gooding

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Joint Research Centres

Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)

UNSW Co-Director: Prof Graham Greenleaf

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)

UNSW Director: Prof Hal Pawson

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)

Director: Prof Geoff Prince

Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute (BMWHI)

Executive Director: A/Prof John Merson

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Affiliated Community Centres

Diplomacy Training Program (DTP)

Executive Director: Mr Patrick Earle

Kingsford Legal Centre (KLC)

Director: A/Prof Anna Cody

National Children's and Youth Law Centre (NCYLC)

Director: Mr Mathew Keeley

National Pro Bono Resource Centre

Director: Dr John Corker

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