Events for Postgraduate Research Candidates

Graduate Research School Events:

Induction for Postgraduate Researchers

Annual Progress Review Seminar

Thesis Submission Seminar

Thesis Writing Boot Camp

3 Minute Thesis Competition

UNSW Research Training Opportunities:

Researcher Development Unit

The RDU offers a schedule of modules and events informed by the Academic Career Development Framework that individuals undertake based on their current career needs.

UNSW Innovations
Our team are the guide and connector for UNSW students and alumni entrepreneurs to people, organisations and their next steps. 

The Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre (MWAC)
The Centre's major Research Facilities are accessible to all staff and students of UNSW

Stats Central
Statistical Consulting and Workshops for Research Students

The Learning Centre
The Learning Centre offers academic skills support to all students across all years of study enrolled at UNSW, including a range of Academic Skills Support for Postgraduate Research candidates.

Learning and Teaching Unit
The role of the Learning and Teaching Unit (LTU) is to provide advice, guidance and support to the University, to faculties, to schools and to individuals on the enhancement of learning and teaching at UNSW. Take advantage of their program for HDRs – Beginning to Teach, and Foundations of University Learning and Teaching.