26th May 2017, 9:30am to 12pm

Publishing & Profile Building - 3MT (3 minute thesis competition): Part 2 Delivering an Effective 3MT

This principles-based and practical workshop will build on the foundations of Part 1 and will focus on communication elements

  • Organised By: Researcher Development Unit
  • Category: Seminars or Workshops

Suitable for: all active PhD and Master candidates - from those who have passed their Confirmation Review to those whose thesis is under examination and on track for timely completion are eligible to enter the 3MT competition.

Aims:  This workshop will build on the foundations of workshop Part 1 in this series and focus on communication elements, both verbal and non-verbal that can have a real impact on how well you communicate your  3MT script.  Tools to assist in managing nerves and preparing and planning for heats are also covered, togethe with performance elements.

All participants will be filmed presenting their draft 3MT and provided copies of their performance for feedback, plus written feedback from their peers.

Note: This workshop includes preliminary and post workshop tasks. Only those who have attended at least 1 of the workshops are able to proceed and attend Part 3.

Can I attend Workshop Part 2 if I missed Part 1 in this development series?  

The series builds on knowledge and skills that form part of a framework of support.   However, if you are unable to make Part 1  you are welcome to attend Part 2.  To get the most from your attendance it is expected that you will complete both the pre & post workshop from Part 1 prior to attending.  Please make sure when you register that you choose the option "No I did not attend Part 1" so you will receive access to links with these tasks and are well prepared.

Participants will be sent essential pre-work prior to this seminar, and will also be invited to attend Part 3 (final) in this series to further refine and practise their 3MT presentation.  Full details on this series can be found here:  https://research.unsw.edu.au/3-minute-thesis-3mt-development-series-webinar-workshops

Participant's feedback on most valuable aspects from last year's series:

 "you're such an awesome team! It's been a great experience".

"The spacing between workshops gave me time to work on things and forced me to dedicate time to working on my 3MT"

"Getting the chance to practise, try out ideas in front of others and get feedback was really helpful"

"Peer feedback was an excellent way to improve our scripts"

" Providing feedback & guidance in a supportive environment"

"Learning new skills and building my self-confidence"

"Opportunity to be filmed and provide peer feedback"

"Progressive learning and staged/step based preparation was really valuable"

Registration Closing Date: 25th May 2016, 2pm

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