GMO Staff Contact List

Grants Management Office


Grants Management Office Directorate: What we do

Name Position Ext Email
Daniel Owens Director 57254
Alex Bell Communications and Training 56160
Samar Chams Administration Officer 57230

Faculty Teams

Team Science: Faculty of Science, Arts and Social Sciences and College of Fine Arts

Name Position Ext Email
Susanne Clark Team Leader 56989
Sue Kwong Senior Grants Officer 54808
Sofia Haidar Senior Grants Officer 56149
Michaela Ciaglia Grants Officer 57258
Anika Martin Grants Officer 54465

Team Medicine: Faculty of Medicine
Name Position Ext Email
Monique Nordstrom Team Leader 55249
Bronwen Joscelyne Grants Officer 56134
Roslyn McCann Grants Officer 55208
Jenny Gieng Grants Officer 56214
Carlie Robinson Grants Officer 57236

Team Engineering: Faculties of Engineering, Built Environment and Law, Australian School of Business, UNSW Canberra
Name Position Ext Email
Christine Kueh Team Leader 57367
Anthony Truong Senior Grants Officer 57241
Nima Afshar Grants Officer 57255
Rohan Willard Grants Officer 56193
Carolyn Clarkson Grants Officer 57239

In the interim, please send enquiries to Christine Kueh

Research Finance Office

Research Finance Office: What we do

Name Position Ext Email
Moufid Atme SRFO, Science/FASS/COFA/ARC 57234
Alan Edmunds SRFO, Medicine/NHMRC 57237
Zac Liu SRFO, Engineering/ADFA/Other Faculties/Internal Schemes 57243
Jim Sialepis RFO, Medicine 55007
Li Zhang RFO, Science/FASS/COFA 57242
Steve Josanto Engineering/ADFA/Other, Invoicing Officer 59803


Team Operations: What we do

Name Position Ext Email
Karthikeyan Ramanathan Business Analyst 59913
Kay Rook Senior Operations Officer 55170
Carmen Stivala
Operations Officer
Ayse Selcuk
Operations Officer
Anh Pham
Operations Officer
Silvia Pose
Operations Officer
Colin Fernandes
Systems Support Officer
Anant Patel Support Analyst 57231
Jessica Hu Support Analyst 56186

Mailing Address: 

Grants Management Office
Level 3, Rupert Myers Building South Wing (M15)
UNSW Kensington Campus
NSW 2052
Street Address:
Level 3 Rupert Myers Building South Wing
Gate 14 Barker Street Entrance
University of New South Wales
Fax Number:
Grants matters: +61 2 9385 7238
Reception:  +61 2 9385 7230