Outcome of Examination

Graduate Research School

Once the reports are returned:

The Higher Degree Committee (HDC) must assess the academic arguments presented in the reports of both thesis examiners as well as each examiner’s overall recommendation (refer to examiner reports links and Thesis Examination Procedures).   The HDC also seeks comments and a recommendation from the PGC/HOS for additional advice.

The 5 possible recommendations from the HDC are:

a) The thesis merits the award of the degree
You will be given this result in writing by the Graduate Research School. You can then proceed to prepare for graduation.

b) The thesis merits the award of the degree subject to minor corrections as listed to the satisfaction of the Head of School
If minor corrections (typographical, formatting or layout corrections) are required you will be notified of the requirements and given copies of the examiners’ reports. Minor corrections should be completed within two weeks of this notification. You do not need to re-enrol while completing the revisions.

You must document all your revisions so that your supervisor and HOS can verify them against the examiners’ recommendations.
If more substantive changes are required, or additional work is requested by the examiners, then you should discuss the changes required with your supervisor and HOS.

c)  Award Subject to Revisions and/or Further Work to the Satisfaction of the Higher Degree Committee
If further work is required, you will be notified of the requirements, given copies of the examiners’ reports and given advice about re-enrolment. You will be advised of the date by which the thesis must be resubmitted. You do not need to re-enrol while completing further work unless laboratory work is required.

You must document all thesis revisions so that your supervisor and HOS can verify them against the examiners’ recommendations. In the event of disagreement with an examiner’s comments, you must present a cogent argument for your decision not to revise the thesis. The HDC will consider any such material and advise you of the outcome.
d)  Revise and Resubmit for Re-examination
If you are required to resubmit your thesis for re-examination you will be notified in writing by the appropriate campus office and be set a deadline for resubmission. You must re-enrol for an additional period of candidature. International students will be required to pay tuition fees for this period and local students may be required to pay fees under the Research Training Program (RTP) guidelines.
Before resubmitting your thesis you need to submit another Notification of Intention to Submit a Thesis for Examination on myUNSW. Your resubmitted thesis, in appropriate binding, must contain a signed Originality Statement and a completed and signed Thesis/Dissertation Sheet. You need to submit a thesis copy for each examiner appointed to re-examine the thesis plus a back-up copy for the University.

Your supervisor needs to complete a Supervisor’s Certificate for the revised thesis.
Your thesis will be re-examined in accordance with the procedures for the first examination.  HOWEVER - please note that the second examination is final. There can be no further examination of the thesis.

e)  Non-award
Non-award of a PhD thesis is extremely rare. The HDC has the right to consider whether the candidate has satisfied the conditions for the award of a Masters by Research but this should not be assumed by the candidate.

Once all minor corrections and all further work has been approved, the Graduate Research School will send you a letter stating that you are now eligible for graduation.

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