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by Dr Nadine Marcus

Book Chapters

Pass F; Gog TV; Kirschner F; Marcus N; Ayres PL; Sweller J, 2008, 'Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cognitive Load Research as a Key to Tackle Challenges', in Zumbach J (ed.), Beyond Knowledge: The Legacy of Competence, edn. 1, Springer, Speringr-Veriag New York, pp. 1 - 9

Journal articles

Khawaja MA; Chen F; Marcus N, 2014, 'Measuring Cognitive Load Using Linguistic Features: Implications for Usability Evaluation and Adaptive Interaction Design', International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, vol. 30, no. 5, pp. 343 - 368,

Khawaja MA; Prusty GB; Ford RAJ; Marcus N; Russell C, 2013, 'Can more become less? Effects of an intensive assessment environment on students? learning performance', European Journal of Engineering Education, vol. 38, no. 6, pp. 631 - 651,

Marcus N; Cleary B; Wong A; Ayres P, 2013, 'Should hand actions be observed when learning hand motor skills from instructional animations?', Computers in Human Behavior, vol. 29, no. 6, pp. 2172 - 2178,

Khawaja MA; Chen F; Marcus N, 2012, 'Analysis of collaborative communication for linguistic cues of cognitive load.', Human Factors: the journal of the human factors and ergonomics society, vol. 54, no. 4, pp. 518 - 529

Singh A-M; Marcus N; Ayres P, 2012, 'The Transient Information Effect: Investigating the Impact of Segmentation on Spoken and Written text', Applied Cognitive Psychology, vol. 26, no. 6, pp. 848 - 853,

Wong A; Leahy W; Marcus N; Sweller J, 2012, 'Cognitive load theory, the transient information effect and e-learning', Learning and Instruction, vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 449 - 457,

Wong A; Marcus N; Sweller J, 2011, 'Instructional animations: More complex to learn from than at first sight?', Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 6949, pp. 552 - 555,

Ayres P; Marcus N; Chan C; Qian N, 2009, 'Learning hand manipulative tasks: When instructional animations are superior to equivalent static representations', Computers in Human Behavior, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 348 - 353,

Wong A; Marcus N; Ayres P; Smith L; Cooper GA; Paas F; Sweller J, 2009, 'Instructional animations can be superior to statics when learning human motor skills', Computers in Human Behavior, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 339 - 347,

van Gog T; Paas F; Marcus N; Ayres P; Sweller J, 2009, 'The Mirror Neuron System and Observational Learning: Implications for the Effectiveness of Dynamic Visualizations', Educational Psychology Review, vol. 21, no. 1, pp. 21 - 30,

Paas F; Van Gog T; Kirschner F; Marcus N; Ayres P; Sweller J, 2008, 'Interdisciplinary perspectives on cognitive load research as a key to tackle challenges of contemporary education', , pp. 7 - 9,

Marcus N; Cooper MG; Sweller J, 1996, 'Understanding instructions', Journal of Educational Psychology, pp. 49 - 63

Conference Papers

Vassar A; Prusty G; Ford R; Marcus N, (eds.), 2014, 'The Virtual Design Workshop: AN ONLINE ADAPTIVE RESOURCE FOR TEACHING DESIGN IN ENGINEERING', Copyright © 2014 SCITEPRESS ? Science and Technology Publications, pp. 452 - 458, presented at 6th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, Barcelona, 1 - 3 April 2014

Khawaji A; Chen F; Marcus N; Zhou J, 2013, 'Trust and cooperation in text-based computer-mediated communication', in Proceedings of the 25th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference: Augmentation, Application, Innovation, Collaboration, OzCHI 2013, Association for Computing Machinery, pp. 37 - 40,

Revithis S; Wilson WH; Marcus N, 2013, 'SOM Cognitive Modeling of Autistic and Schizophrenic Traits Using an Oscillating Topological Neighborhood Width Function', in Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (ISBN 9780976831891), Cognitive Science Society, Austin, TX, pp. 3287 - 3292, presented at The 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Berlin, Germany, 31 July - 3 August 2013

Marcus N; Ayres P; narang N, 2013, 'Does adding gestures to both instructional animations and statics improve learning human motor skills?', presented at 6th International Cognitive Load Theory Conference, Toulouse, France, 26 - 28 June 2013

Prusty BG; Russell C; Ford R; Ben-Naim D; Ho S; Marcus N; Mccarthy T; Goldfinch T; Ojeda RE; Gardner A; Moly T; Hadgraft R; Vrcelj Z, 2011, 'Adaptive tutorials to target Threshold Concepts in Mechanics ? a community of practice approach', in Proceedings of The 22nd Annual Conference for the Australian Association for Engineering Education, Engineers Australia, Engineering House, 11 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600, Barton ACT 2600, pp. 306 - 311, presented at 22nd Annual Conference for the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE), Fremantle, 5 - 7 December 2011

Marcus N; Ben-Naim D; Bain ME, 2011, 'Instructional Support For Teachers and Guided Feedback For Students In An Adaptive eLearning Environment', in Proceedings - 2011 8th International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, ITNG 2011, IEEE, pp. 626 - 631, presented at 2011 8th International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, ITNG 2011, Las Vegas, NV, 11 - 13 April 2011,

Khawaja MA; Marcus N; Chen F, 2010, 'Using Language Complexity to Measure Cognitive Load for Adaptive Interaction Design', in Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. (ACM), New York, NY, pp. p333 - p336, presented at International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, Hong Kong, 7 - 10 February 2010

Ben-Naim D; Velan GM; Marcus N; Bain ME, 2010, 'Adaptive Tutorials for Virtual Microscopy: A Design Paradigm to Promote Pedagogical Ownership', in Intelligent Tutoring Systems - Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 6095 Part II, Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg, pp. 266 - 268, presented at 10th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 14 - 18 June 2010,

Revithis S; Wilson WH; Marcus N, 2010, 'A Neurocomputational Instructional Indicator of Working Memory Load in Cognitive Load Theory', in ASCS09: Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science, Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Sydney, pp. 298 - 305, presented at Australasian Cognitive Science Society Conference, Sydney, 30 September - 2 October 2009,

Ben-Naim D; Bain ME; Marcus N, 2009, 'A User-Driven and Data-Driven Approach for Supporting Teachers in Reflection and Adaptation of Adaptive Tutorials', in Educational Data Mining 2009: 2nd International Conference on Educational Data Mining, ‎Proceedings, presented at 2nd International Conference on Educational Data Mining, CORDOBA, SPAIN, 1 July 2009

Velan GM; Ben-Naim D; Kumar RK; Bain ME; Kan BF; Marcus N, 2009, 'Adaptive tutorials using virtual slides to enhance learning of microscopic morphology', in Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 2009, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, Chesapeake, VA, 1 January 2009

Ben-Naim D; Marcus N; Bain ME, 2008, 'Visualization and Analysis of Student Interactions in an Adaptive Exploratory Learning Environment', in CEUR Workshop Proceedings, presented at European Conference of Technology Enhanced Learning, Maastricht, Netherlands, 16 - 18 September 2008

Ben-Naim D; Marcus N; Bain ME, 2007, 'Virtual apparatus approach to constructing adaptive tutorials', in 2007 international conference on e-learning, e-business, enterprise information systems, and e-government, presented at International Conference on Foundations of Computer Science, Las, Vegas, Nevada, USA, 25 - 28 June 2007

Webster SB; Marcus N; Woo DT; Mancilla B; Graham C, (ed.), 2006, 'Anita Borg workshop for primary school girls', in AUSWIT 2006, presented at AUSWIT 2006, Adelaide, Sth Aust, 4 - 5 December 2006

Wilson WH; Marcus N; Halford GS, 2001, 'Access to relational knowledge: a comparison of two models', in 23rd Annual conference of the Cognitive Science Society, presented at Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society 2001, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1 - 4 August 2001

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