Graduate Research School

All candidates who have accepted their offer of admission into a research program at UNSW need to enrol before commencing study. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are enrolled at the start of every semester and that your enrolment is correct. 

The majority of continuing research candidates will be eligible for automatic re-enrolment, and will be advised of their automatic enrolment at the beginning of each academic year. 

Research candidates may not be automatically re-enrolled for a variety of reasons, including if their candidature is overtime, or if they have outstanding debts to the university. The GRS will inform each candidate via email regarding the reason(s) they have not been enrolled, and what they need to do to resolve the issue. Most candidates will need to complete a re-enrolment form.

If your candidature is overtime (4 years FTE PhD or 2 years FTE Masters by Research/MPhil) you will need to complete a Variation to Candidature request, and have it approved by the Higher Degree Committee in order to re-enrol. 

Candidates who have suspended a research scholarship in order to go on program leave will need to provide complete a "Scholarship Re-Commencement Form" in addition to their re-enrolment form. The GRS can provide this form on request.

Please contact your School or Faculty Office, or your relevant Candidature Management Officer for advice on this issue. :

You can review your current enrolment status, or view your fee statement by logging into your student profile at myUNSW.