RSPO Strategic Support for Competitive Grants Funding

Research Strategy and Partnerships Office

The Research Strategy and Partnerships Office (RSPO) supports the University's research performance and profile by working with Faculties, research teams and researchers to secure research funding from a range of sources.

This page outlines how the RSPO provides strategic support to UNSW researchers for competitive granting schemes.

For information about services provided by the RSPO for contracts and consultancies and international research please see the links in the right hand column.

Strategic One-on-one Advice

The RSPO provides advice to researchers during the pre-award stage of grant applications on the strategy of applying for funding from national competitive sources (right scheme – right project) as well as providing strategic ‘lay review’ of actual applications.

This role is complementary to the compliance checking of applications and scheme advice provided by the Grants Management Office. Note: a full schedule of current funding schemes plus links to relevant conditions and requirements can be found on the GMO website

The RSPO's specialised team members provide expert one-on-one advice regarding major grants schemes including:

Who to contact in the RSPO

  • View our Contacts page to find the appropriate contact for the above schemes


The following diagrams further outline where to seek advice during the grant application process:

Training and Development

In collaboration with the Researcher Development Unit the RSPO presents a range of training sessions throughout the year to assist with the complete grants application process from applications through to rejoinders.