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 The Graduate Research School has produced the following pages to guide you through the process of thesis submission:

Refer to each link to ensure that you prepare and submit your thesis in accordance with the Thesis Examination Procedures and Thesis Format Guide.

The Thesis Task Timeline sets out the actions required by you as well as by the Graduate Research School, your School and Higher Degree Committee. It also indicates the usual time-frame from thesis submission through to examination and graduation.

Once all the necessary approvals have been received, your thesis will be sent to two examiners. The examiners are asked to examine your thesis within six weeks. Candidates should be aware that sometimes circumstances prevent examiners from returning their report in time and delays are sometimes expected.

Once all of the examiners' reports are returned, they are considered by your Head of School and the Higher Degree Committee (HDC) and a recommendation is made.

Further Information

Please note - the following section is for information purposes only.  Candidates should not assume responsibility for the processes listed below.

Appointment of Examiners - Once a candidate has lodged their intention to submit through myUNSW, the Head of School or Postgraduate Coordinator appoints appropriate examiners by confirming the Nomination of Examiners (NoE) form created by the Supervisor. This form should be sent to the GRS (or the UNSW Canberra Research Student Unit, or COFA Student Centre) prior to the submission of the thesis. This will then require approval from the Higher Degree Committee (HDC).

Supervisor Approval - Before a thesis can be sent out for examination, the supervisor must complete a Supervisor's Certificate via the Thesis Examination Management system on myUNSW.

The Examination Process - Along with a copy of the thesis, examiners are sent Notes for Examiners and an Examiner's Report Form. To view these documents, please refer to the Related Documents tab on the right-hand side.  (These forms are included here for information purposes only.) Once all examiners' reports are received, they are sent to the Head of School (HOS) for their recommendation. The HOS must complete the Summary of Higher Degree Examiners Reports form which is returned to the appropriate GRS Administration Officer who will then inform the candidate of the decision by mail.

Resubmission - If the Faculty HDC determine that the thesis needs to be resubmitted for examination, the resubmitted thesis will be sent back to the appropriate examiners for re-examination, along with the Revised Report Forms (available for viewing under 'Related Documents').

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