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ARC Funding Schemes: dates for 2015 ARC schemes

NHMRC Funding Schemes: dates for 2015 NHMRC schemes

Current Funding Opportunities: all schemes now open, internal and external deadlines

NHMRC Rebuttal Periods


Approximate dates for Applicant’s response (rebuttal)

Project Grants 2016



For applications being reviewed in Weeks 4-6:

  • Reports expected to be released: 22 June - 30 June
  • Expected due dates for reports: 2 - 10 July

View the NHMRC list of individual PG16 applications and the allocated rebuttal period for each.

Note: The above PG16 dates are indicative of the earliest and latest possible dates that assessor comments will be released. Assessor comments will be released before 2pm on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday throughout this period. Applicants will be notified by email when their assessor comments are available and will have up to 10 days to complete their rebuttal response.

ARC Rejoinder Periods

Scheme Rebuttal Open Internal Deadline for GMO Review ARC External Deadline
Discovery Indigenous 2016 Monday 22 June 12 noon, Thursday 2 July 5pm Monday 6 July

NHMRC Schemes

Where a minimum data deadline is specified, CIAs must have commenced an application and completed the RGMS minimum data requirement by 5pm on that date. Applications that do meet these requirements will not be accepted by the NHMRC. The funding rules provide details on the data required for individual schemes.


Applications Open in RGMS Minimum Data Deadline
Internal Close External Close Status
Targeted Call for Research into Engaging and Retaining Young Adults in Interventions to Improve Eating Behaviours and Health Outcomes (Preventing Obesity in 18-24 year olds TCR) 3 June 1 July 8 July 22 July 2015 OPEN
NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research Grants Scheme 26 June n/a 15 July 29 July 2015 OPEN
Partnership Projects - 2015 Third Call 25 June 25 November 25 November 9 December 2015 OPEN
Please note: Administering Institution partner waivers for Partnership Projects Round 3 due 11 November 2015

ARC Schemes

Scheme Release of Funding Rules Applications Open in RMS Internal Close External Close Status
ARC Centres of Excellence 2017 (EOIs) 26 May 2015 3 June 2015 15 July 2015 22 July 2015 OPEN
Future Fellowships 2015 23 June 2015 30 June 2015 21 July 2015 11 August 2015 OPEN


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