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Grants Management Office

ARC Funding Schemes: all dates for 2015 ARC schemes and previous round announcements.

NHMRC Funding Schemes: all dates for 2015 NHMRC schemes and previous round announcements.

Current Funding Opportunities: all schemes now open, internal and external close dates

NHMRC Schemes Currently Open

Scheme Proposals Open in RGMS Internal Close External Close Status
NHMRC Partnership Projects 2014- second call 25 June 2014 6 August 2014 20 August 2014 OPEN
Please note: There is a minimum RGMS data requirement for Partnership Projects. Applications initiated on RGMS after 5pm, 23 July 2014 will not be accepted. Minimum data consists of completing the following:

  • A-PA Part A Home (specifically the Administering Institution, Application Title and Synopsis)
  • A-RC Research Classification
  • A-RT Research Team and Commitment (core team members if known)

ARC Scheme Outcomes 2014

Scheme Close Date Applications Submitted Announcement Date Awarded
ARC Linkage Projects 2014 13 November 2013 71 27 June 2014 30
ARC Future Fellowships 2014 20 November 2013 75 23 July 2014 10


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