Women in Research Network: WiRN

Division of Research

 PLuS Alliance Prize | Awarding innovation in research and education  | Open now for nominations, submissions close: 12      May 2017

 * UNSW Compliance Report to Workplace Gender Equality Agency 2015-15

 * WiRN Response to UNSW 2025 Strategy



WiRN is UNSW's forum for research-active women to connect with one another to form positive professional relationships. WiRN aims to strengthen the capacity of UNSW for gender equity to enable women to achieve their goals. This is undertaken through the trifecta of support, information, and advocacy:

  • SUPPORT Encourage women in research to come together to share experiences and network with colleagues.
  • INFORM Provide access to, and be a conduit for, communication pathways for events, skills-development, seminars and keynote speeches
  • ADVOCATE Identify and raise systemic issues to promote gender equity at UNSW

WiRN provides a networking group to access events, skills development, seminars and keynote speeches — mouse-over each of the images below to access all areas: membership, committee, events and workshops, news, links, mentoring, special interest groups and submissions. Please, come along, contribute, comment and contact us!


View the Welcome message by Professor Laura Poole-Warren, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Training).