3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Development Series: Online

The Researcher Development Unit 3MT Series is designed to support Higher Degree Research Candidates in entering their faculty heats prior to the UNSW Interfaculty final on Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Given the changes in the emerging context, it is expected that the 3MT Competition will be a virtual competition.

This also means that it is highly likely that faculty heats will be held virtually.  The UNSW interdisciplinary final in September is likely also to be a virtual competition.

The 3MT Development Series presented by Researcher Development will now be all online and we are in the throes of converting our  interactive practice based workshops to support HDRs in preparing for this virtual competition.

The skills you will learn from the series will not only support you in preparing for this virtual competition, they will also give you the chance to develop your online communication skills which can be utilised in future collaborations and opportunities.  Now is an opportune time to invest in this essential skill in 2020.

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How will the 3MT development series support you in preparing for your faculty heats?

The workshops gave me some good strategies to begin writing my talk, to whittle it down to something suitable and to deliver it effectively.”  

“The most surprising thing about the development series was probably learning what not to do. There were a whole bunch of pitfalls which, in hindsight, were obvious. That said, if I didn’t have these spelt out to me, I definitely would have done many of these things.” 

                         2018 global 3MT winner Jonathan Berengut, from UNSW Medicine.  Read more about Jonathan Berengut here.

  • "The spacing between workshops gave me time to work on things and forced me to dedicate time to working on my 3MT"
  • "Getting the chance to practice was really helpful"
  • "Providing feedback & guidance in a supportive environment"
  • "Learning new skills and building my self-confidence and provide peer feedback"
  • "you're such an awesome team! It's been a great experience".

Details on faculty heat dates and key contacts are here.