3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Development Series: Webinar & Workshops

The Researcher Development Unit has developed a 3MT Face to Face Workshop Series to support Higher Degree Research Candidates in entering their faculty heats prior to the UNSW Interfaculty final on Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The 3MT development series has been developed to support Higher Degree Research candidates in preparing for their school & faculty heats which in some instances begin as early as June.

We recommend you contact your Postgraduate Coordinator for school heat information. Details on faculty heat dates and key contacts are here

What can the 3MT Workshop Series do for you?

“The workshops gave me some good strategies to begin writing my talk, to whittle it down to something suitable and to deliver it effectively.”  

“The most surprising thing about the development series was probably learning what not to do. There were a whole bunch of pitfalls which, in hindsight, were obvious. That said, if I didn’t have these spelt out to me, I definitely would have done many of these things.” 

- Last year’s global 3MT winner Jonathan Berengut, from UNSW Medicine.

Read more about Jonathan Berengut here.


Note:  The 3MT Development series has now closed for 2019.  Access the webinar and recording of workshop 1 below to help you prepare for your heat.

3MT Moodle resource:

Recording of the webinar: Introduction to 3MT: “3MT…is it for me?” (held on 10 May available by Wednesday 15 May 2019)

Aims:  This webinar will provide you with an overview of the 3MT competition, including rules, eligibility, and judging criteria, as well as the benefits and support available if you decide to enter. This content will not be covered in the Part 1 Workshop.


Recording of activity based workshop #1:  Foundations for developing an effective 3MT (24 May 2019)

Aims:  This workshop involves applying essential principles of an effective 3MT presentation to your first draft of a script and development of a visual slide. It will require all those who attend to participate in sharing & presenting their draft 3MT script to a small group of peers.


The Moodle resource page also contains:

  • Video testimonials & highlights from the  2018 3MT Interfaculty Final
  • Eligibility, Rules & Judging Criteria
  • Faculty contacts for 3MT Heats

Access to this 3MT Moodle resource, including recordings:

Step 1: Click link :    https://moodle.telt.unsw.edu.au/course/view.php?id=29912

Step 2Log into Moodle (typically located top right of your screen)

              Moodle Course Name:  3MTUNSW

Step 3:  Type in the following self-enrolment password (case sensitive) for student access:    UNSW3MT


Contact & enquiries: Please forward any questions you have to researcherdevelopment@unsw.edu.au regarding this 3MT series.