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RGC supports UNSW researchers in the development, preparation and submission of research grant applications and oversees negotiation and administration of research awards, contracts and consulting research. The RGC is the key link between UNSW’s researchers, executive and funding agencies such as the NHMRC, ARC, philanthropic grant funders and industry partners.

There are three distinct groups who work collaboratively within the overarching RGC office (see our Organisation Chart).


The Grants Management Office (GMO) teams facilitate the research efforts of UNSW staff through pre-award grant services and the management of all post-award activities for external research funds (both grant and contract research). 
The Research Contracts Office (RCO) team provide services and resources to assist with scoping, pricing, review and execution of contracts and consulting research agreements and submission of research proposals and tenders.
The Operations Team support the RGC to deliver efficient whole of lifecycle research management services.

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View Staff Profiles within the Directorate

Name Position Ext Email
Debbie Docherty Director 55249 d.docherty@unsw.edu.au
Courtney Gunn Project Officer 59807 c.gunn@unsw.edu.au

Research Contracts

View Staff Profiles within Research Contracts Office (RCO)

Name Position Ext Email
Rachel Brooks Team Leader / Senior Research Contracts Manager 53055 rachel.brooks@unsw.edu.au
Sally Foster Senior Research Contracts Manager 57855 sally.foster@unsw.edu.au
Dr Jacky Niu Research Contracts Manager 55424 j.niu@unsw.edu.au
Kerry Tetzlaff Research Contracts Manager 57234 k.tetzlaff@unsw.edu.au
Rachel Jose Research Contracts Advisor 51655 r.jose@unsw.edu.au
Anh Pham Research Contracts Officer 59803 a.pham@unsw.edu.au

Grants Management Office 

Faculties of Science; Medicine: NDARC, Psychiatry, Prince of Wales Clinical School,  Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Women's and Children's Health) 

Find the Grants Officer who manages your school here

Name Position Ext Email
Jane Su Team Leader 56989 jane.su@unsw.edu.au
Mike Tran   Senior Grants Officer  57258 mike.tran@unsw.edu.au
Thomas Thong Grants Officer 54269 t.thong@unsw.edu.au
Christine Zhu Grants Officer 57239 christine.zhu@unsw.edu.au
Katherine Lim Grants Officer  57236 katherine.lim@unsw.edu.au 

Faculty of Medicine (see above for NDARC, Prince of Wales Clinical School, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Women's and Children's Health) 

Find the Grants Officer who manages your school here

Name Position Ext Email
Monique Nordstrom Acting Team Leader 57235 m.nordstrom@unsw.edu.au
Nikki McAusland Grants Officer 55208 n.mcausland@unsw.edu.au
Elisabeth Jaeger Grants Officer  55542 e.jaeger@unsw.edu.au
Sophie Pageon  Grants Officer  56134 s.pageon@unsw.edu.au

Faculties of Engineering and UNSW Canberra 

Find the Grants Officer who manages your school here

Name Position Ext Email
Emma Collyer Team Leader 56214 e.collyer@unsw.edu.au
Bron Joscelyne Grants Officer 57272 b.joscelyne@unsw.edu.au
Louise Salmon  Grants Officer 57277 louise.salmon@unsw.edu.au
Peg Redding Grants Officer 57255 p.redding@unsw.edu.au
Michael Coan Grants Officer 55674 m.coan@unsw.edu.au

Arts & Social Science, UNSW Business, UNSW Art & Design, Built Environment, Law & DVC Research

Find the Grants Officer who manages your school here

Name Position Ext Email
Sue Kwong A/Team Leader 54808 susan.kwong@unsw.edu.au
Andrew Burton-Bradley  Grants Officer 54465 a.burton-bradley@unsw.edu.au
Nancy Su Grants Officer 56193 n.su@unsw.edu.au
Karen Corrigan Grants Officer 56149 k.corrigan@unsw.edu.au


View Staff Profiles within Operations

Name Position Ext Email
Kay Rook Team Leader 55170 k.rook@unsw.edu.au
Colin Fernandes Operations Officer 57240 colin.fernandes@unsw.edu.au
Kathleen Franklin Operations Officer 54625 k.franklin@unsw.edu.au
Carmen Ryan Operations Officer 56220 c.ryan@unsw.edu.au
Rebecca Taylor Operations Officer 57867 rebecca.taylor@unsw.edu.au
General Enquiries

Reception: +61 2 9385 7230

Email: mygrants.gmo@unsw.edu.au

Our Address
Fax Number (grants matters): +61 2 9385 7238

Street Address:
Level 3 Rupert Myers Building South Wing
Gate 14 Barker Street Entrance
UNSW Sydney

Mailing Address:
Research Grants and Contracts
Level 3, Rupert Myers Building South Wing (M15)
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