Additional Program Requirements Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Graduate Research School

Prospective postgraduate research candidates who wish to apply to a research degree in UNSW Arts & Social Sciences MUST submit an Expression of Interest to the relevant school or centre prior to submitting an online application or searching for a supervisor. This allows for a preliminary assessment of your application and to identify whether an appropriate supervisor and resources are available. To submit an Expression of Interest, candidates must contact the school or centre they are applying to by email. For further details on the application process for UNSW Arts & Social Sciences please click here


All forms and documentation should be sent to the relevant admissions contact in your proposed School or Centre:


Contact Name


School of Education

School of Humanities and Languages

Dr Joanne Faulkner

School of Social Sciences

School of the Arts and Media

Angela Bradburn

Social Policy Research Centre

Dr Fiona Hilferty

Centre for Social Research in Health

Dr Loren Brener