In addition to the support provided by your Faculty and the Graduate Research School, there are a number of UNSW services that can provide you with advice and support throughout your candidature.

Arc at UNSW

Arc is the UNSW student union, and any candidate can take up membership on a voluntary basis. Arc coordinates clubs, societies and sports on campus, as well as volunteering and leadership opportunities. Arc also has various facilities, including computer labs, music rooms, a dance studio and pottery facilities. For more information, visit Arc UNSW Student Life.

Arc Postgraduate Council

The Arc Postgraduate Council provides information, support, representation and advice on issues that may affect postgraduate students at UNSW.


Arc Postgraduate Lounge

Exclusively for postgraduate Arc members, the Arc Postgraduate Lounge is a social space for meeting up with friends, relaxing, study groups and research.


Arc Legal and Advocacy Service

Legal and advocacy officers can assist candidates with a wide range of issues including providing advice on intellectual property and copyright. 


Health and Disability Services

University Health Service

The University Health Service is a complete general practice situated on the Kensington campus. it includes GPs, physiotherapists and dentists. 

Phone: +61 2 9385 5425   I   Email:


UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS offers individual counselling, skills development courses and self-help resources.

Phone: +61 2 9385 5418   I   Email:


UNSW Disability Support Services

If you are trying to manage the demands of university as well as a health condition or learning disability, or you have personal circumstances that are having an impact on your studies, the disability services may be able to provide you with assistance. 

Phone: +61 2 9385 4734   I   Email:


Careers, Employment, and Entrepreneurship

UNSW Careers and Employment

UNSW Careers and Employment provides services to assist candidates manage their career, including a job search database, workshops and seminars, and employment events. 


UNSW Innovations

UNSW Knowledge Exchange guides and connects UNSW researchers and alumni entrepreneurs to organisations, relevant networks, and the next steps in their journey. They support the development of start-ups and small businesses and provide support services as well as connections to industry partners, investors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, media and mentors.


Additional Support

In addition to Health, Disability and Careers and Employment services, UNSW offers a variety of services to support you during your candidature.


UNSW Student Accommodation

UNSW offers a wide range of accommodation on or near Kensington campus.


Student Development International

Student Development International is a point of contact for international students seeking personalised advice and information about all aspects of university life, student visas, and well-being. 


Nura Gili

Nura Gili provides support and information for potential and existing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at UNSW.


LGBTIQ candidates and staff

ALLY@UNSW is a network of staff and students that aims to ensure UNSW is a safe and welcoming place for all students and staff who identify as LGBTQI.


Graduate Research Publications

Induction Essentials for New UNSW Postgraduate Researchers

A concise introduction to life as a research student.


GRS on Facebook and Twitter


Graduate Research News

The monthly newsletter published by the Graduate Research School.


Postgraduate Research Handbook

Essential publication on all research degree related matters.


University Resources

The following are some additional UNSW resources that you may find useful during your candidature.