After Thesis Submission

Once you have submitted your thesis, your examiners have been nominated, and your supervisor's approval has been lodged, your thesis will be sent to your examiners with a request to complete their examination within six weeks. 

Once your examiners' reports have been received by your Faculty, the Higher Degree Committee (HDC) will use both reports to make a final recommendation. 


Checking Examination Progress

Once you have submitted your thesis, much information regarding the progress of your thesis examination can be found through the Examinations dashboard in GRIS. Such as:

Before dispatch 

  • Who is currently reviewing your thesis prior to dispatch

  • If your examiners have been nominated and what stage the approval process is at

  • If the examiners have accepted the nomination and are ready to examine

After dispatch

  • When your examiner reports have been received

After you submit your thesis revisions

  • Who is currently reviewing your revisions in the approval workflow

  • When your examination is complete, and you are ready to be conferred

There have been a few changes with what information will be available to you via the Examinations module in GRIS. 

For example, you will no longer see when your examiner has acknowledged receipt of the thesis, when your examination has commenced or when the examiner’s reports are due.

While it is expected that your examiners will submit their reports within six weeks, unforeseen circumstances do occur, and it is not always possible to meet this deadline. The Graduate Research School is in regular contact with all examiners to negotiate any delays and ensure timely completion.

Your School will be able to let you know more details concerning the status of your examination or if any of your examiners have requested an extension. 



Once your examiners' reports have been received, they need to be considered by your Faculty before a recommendation can be made.

The examiners’ reports are recommendations, and your School and Faculty must use them to make a final recommendation on the overall level of corrections required to the Dean of Graduate Research. 

It is important to understand that it is not an averaging of the grade, as all aspects of these reports need to be considered.

Once the Dean of Graduate Research confirms your examination outcome, the reports will be sent to your School for a recommendation on when you should be able to submit your response. Soon after that, this recommendation along with the reports from your examiners will be available to you via the GRIS Examinations Module

Descriptions of the five possible examination outcomes, and level of corrections and approvals required, are outlined in the Thesis Examination Procedure

The examiners’ reports sent to you will include their names, regardless of the examination outcome. Please be mindful that you must not contact your examiners concerning the thesis until after you have had confirmation of the completion of your degree. Violation of this requirement may be construed as an attempt to influence the examination and may give rise to an allegation of academic misconduct.


Thesis Revisions

Once you have completed your thesis revisions to the satisfaction of your supervisor, upload your revised thesis and Response to Examiners document into the GRIS Examinations module

Your revisions will go through the required review and approval processes in GRIS. For some faculties, revisions from examination outcomes of C - Further Work,  are considered at monthly Higher Degree Committee meetings.

Once your Faculty is satisfied that you have addressed all the examiners concerns, a recommendation to award the degree will be made to the Dean of Graduate Research. You will receive a letter from the GRS confirming that you are now eligible for graduation.


What Happens Next?

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