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Dr Bei Lu

Dr Bei Lu

Dr Bei Lu is a Research Fellow at the ARC Centre for Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) located at the UNSW Business School and a Research Fellow with Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University, China. She is Director of Outreach in CEPAR's Ageing Asia Research Hub.

Dr Lu returned to academia in 2002 to undertake a PhD in Economics at UNSW after working as an international trader for 12 years. Her research focuses on demographics, health, pensions and population ageing related social welfare and economic issues.

Dr Lu has been successful in developing international linkages over the past ten years with organisations such as the provincial government of Zhejiang, China, the World Bank China and academic institutions. Her research has appeared in the International Social Security Review, the Journal of the Economics of Aging, Population Review, CESifo Economic Studies and the Journal of Aging and Social Policy. She also has published in Chinese newspapers, journals and books.

Phone: +61 2 9385 6636