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Dr Michael Falster

Dr Michael Falster
02 9385 0698

Michael Falster is a Biostatistician and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH) at UNSW Australia. Michael has over 14 years’ experience working in public health, biostatistics and epidemiological research. Michael has various projects exploring variation in the delivery and quality of health care, including disparities in hospital care between public and private patients, care fragmentation following surgery, and population-level patterns of medicine use. He is currently an NHMRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow investigating variation in potentially inappropriate combinations of medicines.

Michael’s work and interests are characterized by finding innovative statistical methods for quantifying and exploring variation in health and health care, such as: multilevel models for deconstructing geographic variation in health inequalities and outcomes; data visualizations exploring temporal patterns of health events; network modelling of communities of health practitioners; spatial methods for identifying and analyzing hospital patient catchments; and data algorithms for characterizing longitudinal patterns of healthcare use (e.g. continuity of care).

Michael has experience in diverse fields such as health services research, cardiovascular care, injury, Aboriginal health, cancer epidemiology and perinatal research, and experience analyzing complex linked data sources including survey, hospital, Medicare, pharmaceutical claims. mortality, perinatal, cancer notification and emergency department data sets. His PhD used linked health data to investigate patient-, geographic and system-level factors influencing variation in 'preventable' hospitalisation. Having a background in health, policy and statistics, Michael is interested in translating complex statistical methods and findings towards a policy audience.