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Dr Michael Stevens

Dr Michael Stevens
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I'm an early-to-mid career researcher who is interested in using technology to improve the outcomes of those who are sick. My interests lie in artificial hearts and aged care.

I have consulted with multiple industry partners to help improve their devices, using both simulations and bench top testing. I'm interested in sharing my expertise with industry to ensure that patients have the best possible outcomes when using technology.


About me

Dr Stevens received his undergraduate degree in Medical Engineering from Queensland University of Technology in 2010, graduating with first class honours. He then completed his PhD in 2014 at the University of Queensland, in which he developed a physiological control system for dual rotary left ventricular assist devices operating as a biventricular assist device. He commenced a postdoctoral position as a Research Associate at the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering in August 2015. He then became a lecturer in January 2018. 

Research Interests

  • Physiological control systems
  • Heart assist devices 
  • Computational modelling (particularly CFD)
  • Signal processing
  • Wearable activity monitoring, particularly for older Australians
  • Machine learning for biomedical applications


  • ENGG1000 Engineering Design and Innovation.
  • BIOM1010 Engineering in Medicine and Biology.
  • BIOM9701 Cardiovascular Dynamics.
  • Biomedical Engineering Thesis Coordinator



I am currently looking for PhD students! If you're a curious engineer, and interested in any of the following

  • Artificial heart, heart/lung machines and ventricular assist devices
  • Designing automatic control systems for medical devices
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • ...and more
 Then please fill in this form.


My Website


Research activities

I have authored 45 publications (35 manuscripts, 3 book chapters, 1 edited book, 6 conference proceedings).




Research Interests

  • Physiological control systems - since 2012 I've been developing physiological control systems (smart cruise control) for artificial hearts and LVADs.
  • Heart assist devices  - since 2012 I've been simulating and testing artificial hearts and LVADs using computer modelling and bench top testing.
  • Computational modelling (particularly CFD) - since 2016 I've been simulating the effect of ECMO on cerebral hypoxia.
  • Signal processing - since 2012 I've been applying advanced signal processing techniques for control and diagnostic purposes.
  • Aged care technology - since 2015 I've been involved in developing technology for improving the outcomes of older persons, particularly those living with dementia.
  • Machine learning for biomedical applications - since 2018 my team have been applying machine learning techniques to result in better diagnostic tools.


Selected Publications

Journal articles

Lu W; Stevens MC; Wang C; Redmond SJ; Lovell NH, 2020, 'Smart Triggering of the Barometer in a Fall Detector Using a Semi-Permeable Membrane', IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, vol. 67, pp. 146 - 157,