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Dr Ruth Peters

Dr Ruth Peters

Dr. Peters completed her PhD at Imperial College London in 2008 with a focus on developing our understanding of the risk factors which increase our risk of cognitive decline and dementia. She continues to work in this area and is currently interested in the impact of risk factors across the life course and the ways in which we might act to reduce this risk. Alongside leading teams delivering high profile evidence synthesis and secondary data analysis projects in the area of dementia risk reduction, she has a particular interest in hypertension and the influence that antihypertensives may have on the risk of cognitive decline. She was the cognitive function lead for the award-winning multinational Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET, HYVET -COG) and both her work in hypertension and dementia risk factors are cited widely in the academic literature and by guidelines.

ORCID ID 0000-0003-0148-3617 

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Peters R; Ee N; Peters J; Beckett N; Booth A; Rockwood K; Anstey KJ, 2019, 'Common risk factors for major noncommunicable disease, a systematic overview of reviews and commentary: the implied potential for targeted risk reduction', Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease, vol. 10, pp. 204062231988039 - 204062231988039,
Peters R; Beckett N; Antikainen R; Rockwood K; Bulpitt CJ; Anstey KJ, 2019, 'Subjective memory complaints and incident dementia in a high risk older adult hypertensive population', Age and Ageing, vol. 48, pp. 253 - 259,