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Professor Bingqin Li

Bingqin Photo
+61 2 9385 4037

SHARP Professor Bingqin Li’s research is on social policy and governance. Her current projects include governance of age-friendly community, local government motivation in delivering complex social programs, social inclusion and integration, urban governance, and social spending.

She has particular expertise on China, conducts comparative studies of social policies between Australia and China and on social service and community development of the Chinese population in Australia. Her research has been published in academic journals in social policy, urban studies and public policy, such as Urban Studies, Environment & Urbanisation, Social Policy & Administration and Public Administration and Development.

Bingqin Li has played an important role in introducing international social policy research to China, through editing two series of translated series of key texts.

Bingqin has also consulted international organisations, such as the World Bank, European Union, the WHO, UNESCAP, IIED, and the DFID. She is also on the advisory board of research centres in universities in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

She is frequently invited to give talks in universities and give public talks in Europe and Asia.

Research interests

  • Urban governance in the context of urbanisation, aging society and fast economic growth
  • Particular expertise on China’s development. Also works on other countries in Asia, and on comparative studies of policies between Asia and the West
  • Social policy and community development of Chinese population in Australia as part of adaptive response to social policy in multi-cultural society

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Si Y; Hu H; Li B, 2020, 'Decomposing Inequality in Long-Term Care Need Among Older Adults with Chronic Diseases in China: A Life Course Perspective', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Wei Y; Bei W; Siying T; Li B; Vivian L; Zhuo C; Xi C; James F; Ludovici C; Bo H; Anwen Z; Min H; Yixiao W, 2020, 'Understanding health and social challenges for ageing and long-term care in China', Research on Aging
Hu B; Li B; Wang J, 2019, 'Home and community care for older people in urban China: receipt of services and sources of payment', Health and Social Care in the Community
Li B, 2014, 'Social pension unification in an urbanising China: Paths and constraints', Public Administration and Development, vol. 34, pp. 281 - 293,
Li B; Shin HB, 2013, 'Intergenerational Housing Support Between Retired Old Parents and their Children in Urban China', Urban Studies, vol. 50, pp. 3225 - 3242,
Li B, 2008, 'Inter-generational Support and Retired People’s Housing Decision in China', Journal of societal & social policy

Book Chapters

Zhong X; Li B, 2019, 'New intergenerational contracts in the making?– The experience of urban China', in Saunders P; He AJ (ed.), Social Protection in East Asian Chinese Societies Challenges, Responses and Impacts, Routledge, Abington, OXON, UK,
Li B; Fang L; Wang J; Hu B, 2019, 'Social Organisations and Old Age Services in Urban Communities in China: Stabilising Networks?', in Jing T; Kuhnle S; Pan Y; Chen S (ed.), Aging Welfare and Social Policy: China and the Nordic Countries in Comparative Perspective, Springer Nature, Switzerland, pp. 169 - 169,
Li B, 2007, 'Pension reform in China: who are left out?', in New Perspectives on China and Aging

Conference Presentations

Li B, 2015, 'The network transition of human services for older people in China', presented at Annual conference of Social Welfare Association of Taiwan, Taipei, 17 May 2015 - 18 May 2015