The Animal Research Act (1985) and Regulation (2010) requires that all research (funded or unfunded) and teaching that uses animals within a UNSW facility and all affiliated institutes with the exception of St Vincent's Hospital and Garvan Institute of Medical Research must receive prior approval from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), on the recommendation of the UNSW Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC), in accordance with the information below.


A UNSW or affiliated research institute staff member, except those based at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, St Vincent's Hospital, or the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, may apply for Animal Ethics Approval through the UNSW Animal Care and Ethics Committees (ACECs).

To be Chief Investigator of a UNSW Animal Ethics Project, investigators must hold a staff or conjoint position with UNSW, must adhere to UNSW Animal Research Ethics Procedure, and be responsible for ensuring the welfare of all animals under their project. See also Responsibilities of investigators.

To apply to be a Chief Investigator endorsement from your Head of School should be emailed to

For new users of the Animal Ethics Online system UNSW staff and students should login via their zID and zID password while external users should contact for assistance creating a user account.

Note: UNSW or affiliated research institution staff and research trainees conducting animal research at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, St Vincent's Hospital, or the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute should apply directly with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research/St Vincent's Hospital Animal Ethics Committee. The Executive Officer of the Garvan Institute/St Vincent's AEC will forward the relevant documentation to the UNSW ACECs for noting.

Application Process

Researchers will need to complete an application via Animal Ethics Online.

A sample form can be found here: Animal Ethics Application Form.

Prior to starting your application it is recommended that you review Advice to Applicants which provides valuable guidance on writing your application. You may also wish to consult Stats Central for assistance in calculating required animal numbers or review available veterinary guidelines and other resources including the ARRIVE and PREPARE Guidelines.

Consider any other approvals you may require e.g. Animal Facility Pre-approval, other Animal Ethics compliance requirements and other approvals such as Gene Technology or Human Ethics.

Consider the Preview service available from

Approval Process

Your application will be reviewed at the next meeting of the UNSW ACECs, who meet monthly (except January).

See Closing Dates for a list of submission deadlines and meeting dates.

Following review of your application, outcomes will be available on Animal Ethics Online within one week of the meeting date. To view your feedback use the blue clickable text 'Recommended subject to Click Here for reason' under your application outcome.

For any assistance contact

Modifying an Approved Project
Submission Closing Dates
Animal Ethics Online

Submit an application via Animal Ethics Online

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