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Centres and Institutes at UNSW

UNSW is involved in more than one hundred and twenty Research, Program, Community and Industry Centres and Institutes. These organisations typically work across traditional School, Faculty and/or institution boundaries. UNSW controls and is solely responsible for the establishment and operation of  Internal Centres and Institutes , while External Centres and Institutes involve partnerships with other universities, government bodies, commercial organisations and funding agencies in Australia and abroad. Some External Centres and Institutes are led by UNSW, while others, such as the Medical Research Institutes associated with the Faculty of Medicine, are affiliated independent organisations that play major roles in the National research effort.

Centres and Institutes range in scale from relatively small groupings of specialists contributing to an area of common interest, through to large, stand-alone structures such as Affiliated Institutes and Cooperative Research Centres, which may involve the collaboration of tens or hundreds of researchers and dozens of organisations across Australia and overseas.

Centres UNSW

Centres UNSW provides services spanning the life-cycle of all Centres. Principal responsibilities include:

      • Coordinating and advising on the processes of establishment, review and closure of Centres and Institutes and ensuring that relevant stakeholders are consulted;
      • Providing strategic and operational advice and assistance to Centres & Institutes, Faculties, Schools and other stakeholders;
      • Reporting to UNSW senior management on the performance of Centres and Institutes, and their compliance with UNSW Policies and Procedures;
      • Providing financial support to researchers engaged in competitive bidding for External Centres.

For all queries about Centres and Institutes, please contact:

Warwick Dawson 
Director, Research Strategy and Partnerships Office
Division of Research

Level 4, Rupert Myers Building (South Wing)
T +61 (2) 9385 7929
F +61 (2) 9385 6545
M +61 419 415 872
E w.dawson@unsw.edu.au
W www.research.unsw.edu.au/research-strategy-and-partnerships-office