Requirements for Internal Centre & Institute Annual Reports

Annual reports for Internal Centres are due on 1 June of the following year. Centres Procedure requires that every Internal Centre and Institute provide an annual report in electronic form to the Centres UNSW. Below is a listing of the minimum content required: 

  • Up-to-date listing of key facts such as the name, Presiding Faculty, other Faculties, Schools with which the Centre interacts, Director and Deputy Director and the composition of management and governance structures;
  • Summary of the Centre's performance for the year in relation to its identified objectives, and an explicit list of the Centre's objectives for the coming year;
  • Statement of financial performance for the period presented in the required Standard format using the Template provided in Attachment 2b to the Centres Procedure, and certified by the Presiding Faculty's Finance Manager;
  • Statement of in-kind contributions including academic and other salaries, infrastructure and other resources provided to the Centre;
  • Details of any grants received and publications, research projects, consultancies and other scholarly achievements associated with the Centre during the period;
  • Details of significant managerial or personnel changes;
  • A list of teaching and research supervision carried out by the Centre on behalf of academic units; and
  • A record of dates and attendance at meetings of the Centre Steering Committee and any Advisory Committee

 If you would like to request some samples of effective recent annual reviews please contact us