Notes and Acknowledgments


The UNSW Research Gateway was redesigned and redeveloped in 2012 by the Central Web Unit.


The Research@UNSW Gateway is built in the open-source content management system Drupal 6, generating pages using PHP from a MySQL data source, on a Debian Linux server running Apache for web serving and Apache Solr for search indexing. Javascript and AJAX are used for on-page functionality.

Fonts used on the Research@UNSW Gateway include: Georgia, Palatino, Helvetica and Arial

Supported browsers: IE7, IE8, Firefox 3+, Safari


Community-contributed Drupal modules include: Module grants, Administration menu, Apache Solr, CCK, ImageField, FileField, Link, Content Profile, Schema, Table Wizard, Date, Date Popup, Migrate, Migrate Extras, Image Assist, ImageAPI, ImageCache,  SpamSpan, LDAP integration, Nodequeue, og, Group admin, Cache Exclude, Custom Error, Diff,  JS alter,  JQuery Form Update, JQuery Update, JQuery UI,  Menu Trails, Node expire, Nodeaccess, Node Additional Info, Override node options, Pathauto, Revisioning, Scheduler, sitemap, Token, Twitter, Upload replace, Rules, Google analytics, Tagadelic, Wysiwyg,  Wysiwyg CCK integration, Views, Workflow, XML sitemap.