COVID-19 Update

as of 23/08/2021

For overarching UNSW Guidelines please visit

Frequently asked Questions:

My research project is related to COVID-19 disease where timelines are urgent to contribute to the global research effort. Is there any support from RECS to expedite approval from the relevant ethics & compliance Committee?

RECS is working with the relevant committees and regulators to fast-track approvals for research proposals related to COVID-19 disease. Researchers should contact us directly to discuss on an individual basis.

Who should I contact in the case of non-compliance to the facility certification conditions?

Your facility manager should be your first point of contact for reporting of non-compliance. In the event of unintentional release of GMOs you need to follow the advice on the GTRC website

My facility is due for annual inspection by the GTRC soon. Is this still happening given the current situation?

There will be no inspections by the GTRC until further notice. However, the facility manager will be required to complete a self-assessment checklist to ensure the facility’s compliance to the certification condition. RECS will be in regular contact to ensure that facility managers have access to the relevant guidelines and templates.

I need help with classifying dealings and applications. How do I contact RECS?

You can contact us via email at or call us directly on 93857244.

Is there any changes to the assessment of my applications?

GTRC operations, including the review of applications and requests for modifications, continue as per advice on the Gene Technology website.