Current Funding Opportunities- Schemes Now Open

Grants Management Office (GMO)

All applications from UNSW staff & students must be submitted via the Grants Management Office (GMO)

Non-ACGR scheme applications must comply with UNSW's policy for pricing and indirect costs

The internal deadline for submission of grant applications to the GMO is 2 weeks prior to the external deadline. This timeframe allows the GMO to ensure applications comply with UNSW policies and sponsor requirements.

Many philanthropic Funds and Foundations provide funding for university research. In cases where research grant funding is awarded via an advertised competitive application round, the submission of applications is managed through the GMO, which will also manage the grant once awarded. See 'managing research income from philanthropic funding schemes' for further information.UNSW Support for Category 1 Fellowships (non-ARC/NHMRC)

Applicants for non-ARC/NHMRC Fellowships listed on the ACGR (Cat1 Fellowships) may be entitled to Central support to meet salary gaps (where the salary is set a level below the equivalent UNSW rate) and/or where matching funding/co-contribution is a Scheme requirement. Please contact the  Director GMO to confirm arrangements. Please note, retrospective funding is NOT available - this applies to submissions in 2014 and onwards.
For ARC/NHMRC named Fellowships, EB gaps will be automatically met by Central. The process is managed by the Research Finance Office. Please direct any enquiries to Marie Saparamadu.

Category 1 Grants
Grants which are listed on the ACGR are classified as “Category 1” Grants, and are exempt from having to include indirect costs of research. This is indicated next to each scheme below where applicable. For more information on funding categories, see the Higher Education Data Collection category specifications document.

For application and submission support, notify the Grants Management Office (GMO) of your intent to apply as soon as possible

Scheme Internal Close External Close      Notify the GMO of your intention to apply to this scheme
Autism CRC | Awards for Achievement in Autism Spectrum Research 7 August 21 August 2017 Notify the GMO
Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia | Grants-In-Aid 11 August 25 August 2017 Notify the GMO

Australia Academy of Science | HOPE meeting with Nobel Laureates

Internal deadline
Each institution is limited to applying for two grants on behalf of one PhD student and one Postdoctoral researcher. For this reason, a hard internal deadline applies. Applications are to be submitted to the Grants Management Office (email  for internal ranking by 9am, Friday 18 August 2017.

18 August 28 August 2017 Notify the GMO
Fresh Science | Calling early-career researchers with a story to tell 17 August 31 August 2017 Notify the GMO
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation | Project and Career Development Grants 17 August 31 August 2017 Notify the GMO
National Heart Foundation | NSW Cardiovascular Research Network Women and Heart Disease Grant 18 August 1 September 2017 Notify the GMO
Gilead Australia Fellowship | Research Grants Program 18 August 1 September 2017 Notify the GMO
Australasian College of Dermatologists | F&E Bauer Foundation Scholarship 18 August 1 September 2017 Notify the GMO
Heart Foundation | Collaboration and Exchange Awards 25 August 8 September 2017 Notify the GMO
Toyota Foundation | Research Grants (JP) 25 August 8 September 2017 Notify the GMO
OECD | Research programme on biological resources in agriculture 27 August 10 September 2017 Notify the GMO
Academy of Science | Fellowships to India (closes 9am AEST) 28 August 11 September 2017 Notify the GMO
European Commission | Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowships 31 August 14 September 2017 Notify the GMO
International Organisation of Vine and Wine | OIV Research Grant Program 1 September 15 September 2017 Notify the GMO
Cancer Institute NSW | Future Research Leader Fellowships 1 September 15 September 2017 Notify the GMO
Government of Canada | Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships 6 September 20 September 2017 Notify the GMO
Parliament of Australia | Summer Research Scholarship Program 8 September 24 September 2017 Notify the GMO
HeartKids | Grants-in-Aid 15 September 29 September 2017 Notify the GMO
RSPCA | Sybil Emslie Animal Law Scholarship 2017 16 September 30 September 2017 Notify the GMO
Kenneth Rainin Foundation | Synergy Award (CA) 18 September 2 October 2017 Notify the GMO
Cancer Research UK-  Grand Challenge (UK) 28 September 12 October 2017 Notify the GMO
Government of Canada | Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Competition (CA) 18 October 1 November 2017 Notify the GMO

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