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Smart stroke prevention

$1.6m for stroke prevention awarded to DGFI Investigator Prof Ken Butcher

Investigator Prof Ken Butcher has been awarded $1.6m in funding from the government's 10 year Medical Research Future Fund’s (MRFF) Cardiovascular Health Mission. This funding is to further develop wearable technology to monitor patients' vital signs with an aim to manage their care remotely, and reduce the need for them to be re-admitted to hospital.

Prof Butcher is an active collaborator within DGFI and works closely with the Institute on AI based smart applications and wearables, allowing remote monitoring for the healthcare sector.

We are proud to have Prof Butcher in the DGFI community, and look forward to his success with this, and his other works!

For more information about the award and details on the project, visit the UNSW Newsroom here.

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