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EVENT: Institute Director Prof Joe Dong delivers keynote to IECON 2020 delegation

S&YP Keynote: Smart City Strategies and Planning Considering Future Renewable Energy


Cities of the future will host most human activities and consume the majority of energy and other resources. The 17 interconnected goals defined under the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG) aim to achieve economic, social, environmental and other human development goals toward a better and sustainable future. Smart cities as a major part of future development encompasses infrastructure, health, economical and other social development goals. Among the many considerations of smart city planning, energy plays a critical role in achieving true sustainability. In this talk, a key index approach and framework for smart city planning considering the energy, especially, renewable energy infrastructure development impact will be covered. The framework provides an effective measure to monitor and define smart city planning and development in view of balanced social, environmental and economic development to achieve social equality benefits for the residents of the smart city. Case studies of smart city development will also be presented to illustrate the utilization of this framework.