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EVENT: Making Solar Powered Transport A Reality - 11 February 2020


Video: The Opportunity for vehicle integrated PV in Australia - A/Prof Ned Ekins-Daukes

"Cars evoke strong emotions in people – so whatever we, as engineers, think is the best solution must appeal to people in their day-to-day lives" - A/Professor Ned Ekins-Daukes.

UNSW staff, students and global partners are pushing the boundaries, innovations and ambitions for solar powered vehicles.

This sold out event was a huge success. We tackled a full and fascinating agenda answering a range of questions: 

  • Is a non-plug-in solar vehicle feasible?
  • Are consumers willing to pay for PV powered vehicles?
  • Why researchers from The Netherlands view solar vehicles as a key part of the energy transition
  • Inverter developments in mobile energy storage and vehicle to grid interactions
  • Blockchain and secure energy trading

For all event videos, click here.

    The topic and event attracted great media coverage:

    The Sydney Morning Herald - 'Fuel falls from the sky': The solar revolution coming down the road

    The Driven - Driving on sunshine: Solar cars could be closer than you think

    Reneweconomy - Australian ‘Solar Skin’ invention could power cities and vehicles of the future

    The Driven Podcast - How close are we to solar cars? Q&A from the event with guest panel including Prof Martin Green, hosted by Bridie Schmidtelectric transport