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Institute Events

The Institute hosts regular events for our wide ranging stakeholders and partners. Our aim to encourage connection and spark innovative ideas to support our ambitious research agenda.

We're excited to share highlights of past events, including videos and links to playlists to view the full content, where available.

Making Solar powered transport a reality - 11 February 2020

UNSW School of Electrical Engineering, Sydney

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"Cars evoke strong emotions in people – so whatever we, as engineers, think is the best solution must appeal to people in their day-to-day lives" -A/Professor Ned Ekins-Daukes UNSW staff, students and global partners are pushing the boundaries, innovations and ambitions for solar powered vehicles. This event explored: Is a non-plug-in solar vehicle feasible? Are consumers willing to pay for PV powered vehicles? Why researchers from The Netherlands view solar vehicles as a key part of the energy transition Inverter developments in mobile energy storage and vehicle to grid interactions Blockchain and secure energy trading

Electrifying Transportation - 14 August 2019

Intercontinental Sydney, Double Bay

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Transport is the second largest emitter of CO2 globally. Combustion engines will stop being manufactured by European car makers as soon as 2023. Technological innovations are developing at a faster pace than policy and regulatory frameworks can be implemented.

This event explored:

What transport innovations are occurring, and what does this mean for the digital grid?
What policy and regulation changes need to occur to enable wider adoption of electric transport?
What consumer safety and privacy implications must we consider?
How will markets and key industry players be disrupted?
What will be the impact on and opportunities from increasing EV uptake for the electricity grid?   

COMING UP: CAFEA Young Talent Smart City Forum: 15-16 July 2021

Hong Kong

UNSW DGFI together with CAFEA Smart City Ltd and Hong Kong Cyberport Academy is organsing The 1st CAFEA Young Talent Smart City Forum, Hong Kong (2021) 15-16 July 2021, Cyberport, Hong Kong to further promote our cross disciplinary research under smart city/smart campus with schools Visit the link here