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A/Prof Donna Green media coverage about Air Quality in schools


Great to see any of our researchers getting media coverage to share their research!

Findings from of an Institute 2020 Seed Funded project 'The real impact of air pollution on children's health in Sydney', led by A/Prof Donna Green have become even more pertinent following the NSW 2020 bushfires and Covid19. 

EVENT End of project knowledge sharing: DGFI, Jemena and Ausnet


Jemena, with its project partners AusNet Services and UNSW Sydney, have completed an ARENA funded trial to demonstrate innovative technologies to increase the hosting capacity of DER (Distributed Energy Resources) on a low voltage electricity distribution network and help create solar-friendly neighbourhoods.

This event includes presentations and information sessions into various aspects of the project: bench testing, network modelling, installation and commissioning, early results and approach to trial and innovation.

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In a world where everything is connected, the smart grid will be good for your health; why your energy provider should be talking to your doctor

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Get ready for the Ubers and Airbnbs of energy.

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Governments should be readying for the energy grid of the future, but most are still caught in the politics of today.

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Advances in weather forecasting and manipulation could boost energy efficiency in ways we’re yet to fully comprehend.