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Associate Professor Da-Wei Wang

+61 02 9385 7355

Associate Professor Da-Wei Wang is currently an ARC Future Fellow and a UNSW Scientia Fellow in the School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW Sydney. His research interest spreads from the fundamentals of the chemistry and interface mechanisms of two-dimensional energy materials, to the development of advanced electrochemical energy devices, including supercapacitors, rechargeable batteries, and electrolysers. As a Chief Investigator, Da-Wei has attracted numerous competitive external grants. He has contributed 2 book chapters, >100 journal publications, 8 patents and over 20 keynote/invited presentations, which received >20,000 citations with an H-index of 53 (Google Scholar). Da-Wei has won some prestigious awards including the 2020 Young Scientist Award (under 40) by the The International Coalition for Energy Storage and Innovation, the 2018-2019 Highly Cited Researcher Award by Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics, the Finalist of 2018 AMP Tomorrow Maker, and the 2013 Scopus Young Researcher Award in Engineering and Technology by Elsevier & Australasia Research Management Society. He was an invited guest speaker at ABC on Future Battery.

Research activities
Research Interests

Two-dimensional energy materials

Battery, supercapacitor and their integration

Electrochemical catalysis and system

Nanofluidics and applications

Battery safety

Professional Service

Associate Editor                     Frontiers in Energy Research 

Guest Editor ChemSusChem | ChemPlusChem | Energy Storage Materials

Editorial Board Energy Storage Materials, JPhys Energy, Rare Metals

Board Member Australian Carbon Society

Chair/Co-Chair International Symposium on Capacitor Advancement (2020)

International Conference on Energy and Healthcare Materials (2020)

International Workshop on Carbon Advances and Frontier Energy (2018)

Energy Future Conferences (2018, 2020)

Inaugural UNSW Materials and Energy Workshop (2014)

Organising Committee Energy Future Conferences (2014, 2016)

International Symposium on Functional Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (2017)

International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2016)

Reviewer Journals (>20): Science, Nature Energy, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Chemical Reviews, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Nano Letters, Progress in Materials Science, Energy & Environmental Science, Angewadte Chemie Int Ed, Joule, etc.

Grants: Australian Research Council, US DOE, Fulbright Commission, Horizon 2020 Marie-Curie Le Studium Research Fellowships, German-Israeli Battery and Electrochemistry Research Program, United Arab Emirates University, French Frontier Research in Chemistry Foundation, and Irish Research Council (Outer International Assessment Board member)

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Yang X; Liang J; Rawal A; Xiao K; Pu Y; Li Zhang X; Fang R; Wang DW, 2021, '2D polyaniline with exchangeable interlayer fluid for fast and stable volumetric dual ion storage', Journal of Energy Chemistry, vol. 54, pp. 587 - 594,

Tian Y; Yu Z; Cao L; Zhang XL; Sun C; Wang DW, 2021, 'Graphene oxide: An emerging electromaterial for energy storage and conversion', Journal of Energy Chemistry, vol. 55, pp. 323 - 344,

Zhang SW; Cao T; Lv W; Zhang J; Tao Y; Kang F; Wang DW; Yang QH, 2020, 'High-performance graphene/disodium terephthalate electrodes with ether electrolyte for exceptional cooperative sodiation/desodiation', Nano Energy, vol. 77,

Cui Y; Tan X; Xiao K; Zhao S; Bedford NM; Liu Y; Wang Z; Wu KH; Pan J; Saputera WH; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Smith SC; Yun J; Dai L; Amal R; Wang DW, 2020, 'Tungsten Oxide/Carbide Surface Heterojunction Catalyst with High Hydrogen Evolution Activity', ACS Energy Letters, pp. 3560 - 3568,

Sun J; Lu X; Wu KH; Hou J; Fang R; Hart JN; Zhu S; Chen V; Amal R; Wang DW, 2020, 'Dynamic single-site polysulfide immobilization in long-range disorder Cu-MOFs', Chemical Communications, vol. 56, pp. 10074 - 10077,

Lin Y; Cao L; Yu Z; Zhu S; Wang DW, 2020, 'Plastic three-dimensional nanocarbon-polyacrylic acid sponges with high volumetric capacitance for Li-ion capacitor', Sustainable Materials and Technologies, vol. 26,

Fang R; Xu J; Wang DW, 2020, 'Covalent fixing of sulfur in metal-sulfur batteries', Energy and Environmental Science, vol. 13, pp. 432 - 471,

Sun J; Deng C; Bi Y; Wu KH; Zhu S; Xie Z; Li C; Amal R; Luo J; Liu T; Wang DW, 2020, 'In Situ Sulfurized Carbon-Confined Cobalt for Long-Life Mg/S Batteries', ACS Applied Energy Materials, vol. 3, pp. 2516 - 2525,

Sun J; Lin Y; Sun Z; Zhu S; Amal R; Li F; Wang DW, 2019, 'Highly cross-linked carbon sponge enables room-temperature long-life semi-liquid Na/polysulfide battery', Materials Today Energy, vol. 14,

Tian Y; Wu KH; Cao L; Saputera WH; Amal R; Wang DW, 2019, 'Unlocking high-potential non-persistent radical chemistry for semi-aqueous redox batteries', Chemical Communications, vol. 55, pp. 2154 - 2157,

Cui Y; Xiao K; Bedford NM; Lu X; Yun J; Amal R; Wang DW, 2019, 'Refilling Nitrogen to Oxygen Vacancies in Ultrafine Tungsten Oxide Clusters for Superior Lithium Storage', Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 9,

Deng C; Wu KH; Scott J; Zhu S; Amal R; Wang DW, 2019, 'Ternary MnO/CoMn alloy@N-doped graphitic composites derived from a bi-metallic pigment as bi-functional electrocatalysts', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 7, pp. 20649 - 20657,