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Associate Professor Donna Green


Associate Professor Donna Green was a founding member of the Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW. She is an Associate Investigator of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes; and the NHMRC Centre for energy, air pollution and health Research, UNSW. As part of the UNSW Strategy 2025, she was a member of the VC’s Grand Challenge of Climate Change steering committee. She leads a national researcher network, the Climate Health Partnership 

Research activities

As an interdisciplinary environmental scientist, she conducts research on climate impacts, energy policy, public health and air pollution. Donna was a contributing author in the UN World Energy Assessment and for the IPCC’s Fourth and Fifth Assessment Report WGII.

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Selected Publications

Journal articles

Gurieff N; Keogh DF; Baldry M; Timchenko V; Green D; Koskinen I; Menictas C, 2020, 'Mass transport optimization for redox flow battery design', Applied Sciences (Switzerland), vol. 10, pp. 2801 - 2801,

Cooper N; Green D; Vardoulakis S; Guo Y, 2020, 'School children’s exposure to indoor fine particulate matter', Environmental Research Letters

Gurieff N; Green D; Koskinen I; Lipson M; Baldry M; Maddocks A; Menictas C; Noack J; Moghtaderi B; Doroodchi E, 2020, 'Healthy Power: Reimagining Hospitals as Sustainable Energy Hubs', Sustainability, vol. 12, pp. 8554 - 8554,

Zosky G; Vanderhoorn ; Abramson ; Green D; Dwyer ; Heyworth ; Jalaludin B; McCrindle-Fuchs J; Tham ; Marks , 2020, 'Principles for setting air quality guidelines to protect human health in Australia', Medical Journal of Australia