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Dr Anna Bruce

+61 2 9385-5155

Dr. Anna Bruce is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering.

Teaching Areas

  • Renewable Energy Policy
  • Sustainable Energy for Developing Countries
  • Low Energy Buildings
  • Applied Photovoltaics

Research Interests

  • Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy
  • Renewable and Distributed Energy Modelling and Analysis
  • Energy Policy
  • Electricity Market Design and Regulation
  • Energy Access and Capacity Building
  • Renewable Energy Minigrids
  • Low Energy Buildings and Energy Efficiency

Selected Publications


Prakash A; Gorman N; Macgill I; Bruce A, 2021, Response to Reserve Services in the National Electricity Market Directions Paper,

Prakash A; Macgill I; Bruce A, 2021, Response to Fast frequency response market ancillary service draft rule determination,

Prakash A; Ashby R; Keeratimahat K; Bruce A; Macgill I, 2021, UNSW CEEM Response to Energy Security Board’s Post 2025 Market Design Options Papers,

Purnell K; Bruce A; Macgill I, 2020, Inquiry Into Electric Buses in Regional and Metropolitan Public Transport Networks in NSW, Submission in response to the Committee on Transport and Infrastructure,

Macgill I; Bruce A, 2020, Submission to the Australian Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper – A framework to accelerate low emissions technologies

Prakash A; Keeratimahat K; Bruce A; Macgill I, 2020, Submission to the AER's Semi scheduled generator rule change(s) Issues paper,

Stringer N; Bruce A; Roberts M; Adams S; Macgill I; Purnell K; Zhou H, 2020, Submission to the AER consultation paper: Assessing DER integration expenditure,

Macgill I; Bruce A; Prakash A, 2020, Response to the Energy Security Board’s Post 2025 Market Design Consultation Paper

Stringer N; Yildiz B; Bruce A; Macgill I, 2020, Submission to Standards Australia on the proposed amendments to AS4777.2 Grid connection of energy systems via inverters Inverter requirements

Journal articles

Marshall L; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2021, 'Assessing wholesale competition in the Australian National Electricity Market', Energy Policy, vol. 149,

Fina B; Roberts MB; Auer H; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2021, 'Exogenous influences on deployment and profitability of photovoltaics for self-consumption in multi-apartment buildings in Australia and Austria', Applied Energy, vol. 283, pp. 116309 - 116309,

Keeratimahat K; Copper J; Bruce A; Macgill I, 2021, 'Generation of synthetic 4 s utility-scale PV output time series from hourly solar irradiance data', Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, vol. 13,

Keeratimahat K; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2021, 'Analysis of short-term operational forecast deviations and controllability of utility-scale photovoltaic plants', Renewable Energy, vol. 167, pp. 343 - 358,

Stringer N; Haghdadi N; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2021, 'Fair consumer outcomes in the balance: Data driven analysis of distributed PV curtailment', Renewable Energy,

Tanoto Y; MacGill I; Bruce A; Haghdadi N, 2021, 'Impact of high solar and wind penetrations and different reliability targets on dynamic operating reserves in electricity generation expansion planning', Electricity Journal, vol. 34, pp. 106934 - 106934,

Zhou HS; Passey R; Bruce A; Sproul AB, 2021, 'Aggregated impact of coordinated commercial-scale battery energy storage systems on network peak demand, and financial outcomes', Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 144, pp. 111014 - 111014,

Tanoto Y; Haghdadi N; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2021, 'Reliability-cost trade-offs for electricity industry planning with high variable renewable energy penetrations in emerging economies: A case study of Indonesia's Java-Bali grid', Energy, vol. 227, pp. 120474 - 120474,

To LS; Bruce A; Munro P; Santagata E; MacGill I; Rawali M; Raturi A, 2021, 'A research and innovation agenda for energy resilience in Pacific Island Countries and Territories', Nature Energy,

Stringer N; Haghdadi N; Bruce A; Riesz J; MacGill I, 2020, 'Observed behavior of distributed photovoltaic systems during major voltage disturbances and implications for power system security', Applied Energy, vol. 260,

Tanoto Y; Haghdadi N; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2020, 'Clustering based assessment of cost, security and environmental tradeoffs with possible future electricity generation portfolios', Applied Energy, vol. 270,


Roberts M; Heywood P; Ramsden C; Nair S; Abdullah-Vetter Z; McCoy B; Nicholls A; Caton E; Copper J; Bruce A, 2020, Sunny side up: how schools, prisons and libraries can power Queensland’s renewable future,

Heslop S; Stringer N; Yildiz B; Bruce A; Heywood P; Macgill I; Passey R, 2020, Voltage Analysis of the LV Distribution Network in the Australian National Electricity Market,

Conference Papers

Nejad MF; Haghdadi N; Bruce A; MacGill L, 2020, 'Climate policy and intelligent transport systems: Application of new transport technologies to reduce greenhouse emissions', in 2020 National Conference on Emerging Trends on Sustainable Technology and Engineering Applications, NCETSTEA 2020,

Haghdadi N; Macgill I; Gorman N; Passey R; Bruce A, 2020, 'An open source tool for analyzing the impact of electricity network and retail tariffs on consumers', in IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting,