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Dr Jeffrey Cheung


Jeffrey Cheung is the process engineer responsible for the suite epitaxial growth tools at ANFF-NSW under the School of Electrical Engineering. His role involves process optimisation for a wide range of materials grown in the Pascal pulsed laser epitaxial growth systems as well as growth of III-V heterostructures in the Veeco MBE.

Jeffrey’s background is in oxide heteroepitaxy via pulsed laser deposition. His previous research involved epitaxial nanocrystal growth of functional oxides using in-situ chemical and phase control of the epitaxial species. This research was the focus of his PhD in materials science at UNSW Australia.

For the UNSW Digital Grid Futures Institute, working with Neeraj Sharma’s research group, Jeffrey looks to apply epitaxial growth techniques and the suite of semiconductor fabrication techniques available at ANFF to further thin film battery research for the Digital Grid Institute.