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Nathan Cooper

Nathan is a post-doctorate researcher with the Centre for Air pollution, energy and health Research (CAR) and the Climate Change Research Centre at UNSW. He has a background in air pollution, environmental health, data analysis, GIS and human geography. Nathan’s research primarily examines air pollution and its health impacts, particularly on vulnerable subpopulations such as Indigenous communities, children and communities of low socio-economic status. Nathan's postgraduate research assessed the accuracy of various statistical and geospatial analytical methods for measuring inequalities in exposure to ambient air pollution. His current research significantly expands on this by developing methods for measuring air pollution in early learning environments, such as schools, and developing statistical models for predicting levels of indoor air pollution and their associated health impacts. Nathan plans to use this research to develop health policies to protect school children from exposure to hazardous levels of air pollution caused by bushfires, traffic and industry.

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Cooper N; Green D; Vardoulakis S; Guo Y, 2020, 'School children’s exposure to indoor fine particulate matter', Environmental Research Letters