Engage with our PhD Researchers

Engage talented PhD candidates and gain fresh insights and innovative approaches to complex R&D challenges.

UNSW is a global research powerhouse developing the next generation of research leaders with the skills and expertise to solve real-world problems and drive innovation. 

Our Industry Engagement programs offers a range of options for accessing our highly skilled pool of talented PhD researchers to increase your competitive advantage and drive innovation in your sector.

Why work with UNSW PhD candidates? 

  • Gain fresh ideas and diverse thinking from emerging research leaders

  • Find innovative approaches to complex R&D challenges

  • Develop your future workforce as part of a globally connected research environment

  • Build partnerships with UNSW's world-class academic researchers, and access the best minds in each field


Industry Engaged Research Degrees at UNSW

Work closely with an outstanding PhD researcher on an in-depth R&D project. Develop and guide the project in partnership with UNSW academics, who will jointly supervise the PhD candidate with an industry supervisor from your organisation. 

We can help you connect to outstanding PhD researchers, or you can nominate a talented professional from your organisation to undertake a research degree at UNSW and experience our world-class research training environment first-hand.

Interested in learning more? Complete our expression of interest form, or contact us at industryhdr@unsw.edu.au


UNSW Industry Internships 

Engage an outstanding PhD researcher to provide fresh insights and deliver rapid results on an R&D project within your organisation through a short 3 month UNSW Industry Internship. 

Our internships are a unique opportunity to find innovative approaches to your challenges, bring new ideas, diverse thinking and world-class expertise to your workplace, develop your future workforce and extend relationships with the UNSW research community. 

We can help you refine your project and connect with talented PhD researchers. 

Ready to get started? Complete our expression of interest form, or contact us at industryhdr@unsw.edu.au