Essentials of Supervision (EoS)

For those new to supervision and supervising at UNSW

In 2020 all Essentials of Supervision (EoS) training will be online.  

There are three components that supervisors will need to complete to fulfill the requirements of the EoS course.

1.    2 x 3-hour online workshops:

       a. Part 1: Getting Started with Supervision at UNSW

       b. Part 2: Achieving confirmation

2.   EoS Practice Guide (access to be provided after the ‘Part 1’ workshop)

It is a requirement for all participants to register and attend both Part 1 and Part 2 online sessions; and to successfully complete the UNSW Supervision Practice Guide (you will be given 8 weeks from the release date to complete this task). Once you have fulfilled these requirements, your HR PiMS record will be updated to reflect that EoS training is complete.

Use the contacts below in your faculty to find out if this training is suitable for you.

Faculty supervision contacts:
Art & Design


Ellen Williams (

Arts & Social Sciences:


Neha Desai (



Khurshid Jilla (



Jenny Hislop (



Elvira Berra (



Alman Yeung (



Jenny Jarrett (



Sonia Kao (



Sarah Stride (