18th August 2016, 11am to 1pm

The new continuous ARC Linkage Scheme

  • Organised By: Research Strategy and Partnership Office (RSPO)
  • Category: Seminars or Workshops

The new continuous ARC Linkage Scheme

Even if you are a practiced ARC Linkage applicant you are encouraged to attend this seminar that will detail new arrangements on the continuous ARC Linkage Scheme. Included will be advice on how we understand applications will be dealt with by the ARC including approximate timelines, advice on what to say to potential Partners about commitments, signing off etc., and advice on significant shifts in ARC Linkage that have become apparent over the last few Rounds and that must be accommodated in your application if you intend to prevail in the process. Additionally there will be advice on how the Division of Research can support your application.

Questions regarding the seminar please contact Annette McLaren E: annette.mclaren@unsw.edu.au

We have opened a 2nd seminar on the 25th August to those who may wish to attend.

Please click on the link to register

Registration Closing Date: 12th August 2016, 3pm