Exempt Dealings

 Containment Facilities Requirements


Exempt dealings

  • Have a very low level of of inherent risk that can be easily reduced or managed
  • Must not involve intentional release of the GMO into the environment
  • No longer require approval from the GTRC. However the Project Supervisor must notify the GTRC of the proposed research via a Notification of Exempt Dealing and a GTRC Identification Number must be issued before work can commence.
  • Must be conducted in a facility that meets some minimum containment requirements
  • Cannot be varied or amended once approved (a new application and approval will be needed)

Examples of exempt dealings

  • Shot-gun cloning using an exempt host vector system provided that the donor nucleic acid is not derived from a pathogen or a toxin-producing organism
  • Cloning into common laboratory strains of E.coli provided that the donor DNA satisfies certain criteria (as defined in the List of Exempt Dealings)

Application process