First Stop: Your Research Integrity Advisor

Research Integrity Advisors UNSW
Research Integrity Advisors at UNSW

Your supervisor or Research Integrity Adviser (RIA) is your first contact if you have questions or concerns about research or the UNSW Research Code and related policies. There is a RIA in every faculty, usually the Associate Dean (Research).

 How can a RIA assist me?

A RIA can:

  • Provide you with confidential advice on appropriate research practices and the responsible conduct of research.
  • Inform you about the UNSW Research Code of Conduct (the Research Code) and related policies and procedures.
  • Advise you how to make a complaint or allegation of research misconduct, or give you confidential first step advice if someone has made a complaint against you. 
  • Assist you to to refer a matter to the Research Integrity Unit if required.

A RIA cannot:

  • Investigate or make determinations on allegations of research misconduct or breach of the Research Code.
  • Offer advice if they have a conflict of interest in the matter.


What if I cant speak to my RIA?

If for any reason you can’t speak to the RIA in your faculty, you can contact the RIA of any other faculty or contact us at the Research Integrity Unit direct. We are here to assist you.


Faculty: Contact: Details:
FACULTY of ARTS, ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN (FAAD) Professor Michael Ostwald T: +61 2 938 55357
UNSW BUSINESS SCHOOL Professor Frederik Anseel T: +61 2 938 55141
FACULTY OF ENGINEERING Professor Ian Gibson (Acting) M: 0435 578 974
UNSW LAW Associate Professor Melissa Crouch T: +61 2 938 50737
FACULTY OF MEDICINE Professor Sean Emery T: +61 2 938 54229
FACULTY OF SCIENCE Professor Paul Munroe T: +61 2 938 54432
UNSW CANBERRA Professor Warrick Lawson T: +61 2 6268 8801