Gene Technology Research Committee

All gene technology applications are assessed and reviewed by the UNSW Gene Technology Research Committee (GTRC) (formerly the Institutional Biosafety Committee) which meets monthly to review applications.

The Committee's specialist members have a combined expertise in the relevant disciplines associated with gene technology research.These disciplines may include molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, virology, biochemistry, epidemiology, plant biotechnology or bio‐containment/ biosafety engineering, and infection control.

The GTRC Terms of Reference can be found in the UNSW Gene Technology Research Procedure


Meeting dates and application deadlines for 2018:    

Applications must be submitted to by the advertised deadline. Refer to the application for submission instructions.


Meeting no.  Deadline for GTRC Approval Applications Meeting date
1/2018 18th January 1st February
2/2018 15th February 1st March
3/2018 22nd March 5th April
4/2018 19thApril 3rd May
5/2018 24th May 7th June
6/2018 21st June 5th July
7/2018 19th July 2nd August
8/2018 23rd August 6th September
9/2018 20th September 4th October
10/2018 18th October 1st November
11/2018 22nd November 6th December