Getting Started

Once you have accepted the offer of a place in a Higher Degree Research program at UNSW, the first step is to formally enrol in your program.

The HDR Welcome and Orientation is an important event that provides you with key information to ensure a smooth transition to your research candidature at UNSW.

UNSW expects all researchers to practice responsible research conduct. Research Integrity and Research Data Management are core components of research training for Higher Degree Researchers, and all newly enrolled candidates must complete these online courses.


Step 1 Enrolment

Before completing this step, candidates must arrive at their study location, and International candidates must hold on an appropriate visa for the full length of study.

All candidates need to complete the accept online part 2 and enrol online to formally commence their candidature. Candidates should commence their candidature by the start date of their first term.

Candidates should contact their School or Faculty Office in regard to any coursework requirements.

Scholarship Commencement

If you have been offered a UNSW Scholarship, submit your Commencement of Study form by the relevant Term Start Date.

Your Commencement of Study form was sent to you with your scholarship offer letter.

For more information on the commencement of your scholarship, download the Scholarship Commencement FAQs.


Step 2 Collect Your Student ID Card

Once enrolled, all candidates must apply for a Student ID Card. 

For information regarding the earliest date, time and location that you can collect your ID Card, please visit Student ID Card.

Candidates based at the UNSW Canberra campus should contact the Research Student Unit.

Step 3 Complete the Online Research Integrity Course

UNSW expects all researchers to practice responsible research conduct. UNSW's research foundations are built upon standards of excellence, truthfulness, ethical actions and legally permissible conduct.

Research Integrity is UNSW’s commitment to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes responsible research conduct. This framework encompasses honesty and accuracy, objectivity, confidentiality, accountability, ethical conduct, and research safety. 

All newly enrolled candidates are automatically enrolled in Research Integrity online course. This course includes a compulsory assessment that you must successfully pass.

After you are enrolled, you will receive an email from the Graduate Research School with information on how to access the course.

For more information, visit UNSW Research Integrity.


UNSW Research Integrity

Step 4 Attend the HDR Welcome and Orientation

All newly enrolled candidates are required to attend the HDR Welcome and Orientation. This important event provides you with key information to ensure a smooth transition to your  candidature at UNSW, and takes place during Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3.

Following the formal program, there is a reception where you can learn more about UNSW HDR service providers including the UNSW Library, Researcher Development, and Research Technology Services. This event is also an opportunity to meet key members of the UNSW Graduate Research team, including the Dean of Graduate Research, Professor Jonathan Morris, the Deputy Dean of Graduate Research, Associate Professor Penny Martens, and the Director of the Graduate Research School, Lucy Jones.

For information about the next HDR Welcome and Orientation, visit our SharePoint site.


Step 5 Complete the Research Data Management Course

Managing your research data is critical in preventing errors and ensuring that your findings can be validated and replicated. 

Newly enrolled candidates are required to complete a Research Data Management online Training course. This course is designed to help you manage your research data effectively, and is a requirement for satisfactory progress. 

In your second Term of enrolment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete this course, so please keep an eye on your UNSW email account for further details.