Getting Started

Once you have accepted the offer of a place in a Higher Degree Research program at UNSW, there are four main steps to starting your research degree, including formal enrolment in your program and collection of your UNSW Student ID card.

The Research Candidate Induction is an important event that provides you with key information to ensure a smooth transition to your research candidature at UNSW.

UNSW expects all researchers to practice responsible research conduct. Research Integrity is a core component of research training for Higher Degree Researchers, and all newly enrolled candidates must complete an online course once they have finalised their enrolment.


Step 1 Enrolment

All candidates need to complete an enrolment form to formally commence their candidature. You must submit your enrolment form by the census date, which is the final date to commence or make changes to enrolment for a given semester. The census dates are 31 March (semester one), and 31 August (semester two).

Kensington Campus

Contact your School or Faculty Office for your 

  • enrolment form

  • any coursework or other requirements

UNSW Art and Design Paddington Campus

Contact Ellen Williams in the Art & Design Student Centre.          

Tel: 8936 0750 

UNSW Canberra Campus

Contact the Research Student Unit to make an appointment.

Tel: 6268 8112 


Scholarship Commencement

If you have been offered a UNSW Scholarship, submit your Commencement of Study form along with your completed enrolment form, by the relevant census date (see above).

Your Commencement of Study form was sent to you with your scholarship offer letter.

For more information on the commencement of your scholarship, download the Scholarship Commencement FAQs.


Step 2 Collect Your Student ID Card

Research candidates need to complete an online form:

  1. Log into

  2. In the student portal, click on the link Student ID – Self-Service

  3. Complete the online form (students will need to attach a photo of themselves).

  4. Once your online form is submitted, approval normally takes 24 hours.

  5. Once approved, you will receive an email (sent to your Zmail address) confirming that your card is ready for collection, and providing you with a collection code.

  6. Take the collection code that was emailed to you to the UNSW Library collection point, near the main Library entrance.

For more information, please visit Student ID Card.

Candidates based at the UNSW Canberra campus should contact the Research Student Unit.

Step 3 Attend the Research Candidate Induction

All newly enrolled candidates are required to attend a Research Candidate Induction. The induction is an important event that provides you with key information to ensure a smooth transition to your research candidature at UNSW, and occurs only once per semester.

The Induction is an opportunity to meet key members of the UNSW Graduate Research team, including the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research Training) and Dean of Graduate Research, Professor Laura Poole-Warren, the Deputy-Dean of Graduate Research, Associate Professor Jonathan Morris, and the Directors of the Graduate Research School and the Researcher Development Unit.

A small fair is also held with members of the graduate research community at UNSW including Arc and the Researcher Development Unit.

For information about the next Induction, visit career and development.

Candidates are given two key publications at the induction: the Postgraduate Candidate Handbook and Essentials for Postgraduate Researchers. These publications cover policies, procedures and guidelines, provide advice and resources, and list useful contacts.

Electronic copies of these publications are available below.

Induction essentials for new UNSW postgraduate researchers

Postgraduate Research Candidate Handbook


Step 4 Complete the Online Research Integrity Course

UNSW expects all researchers to practice responsible research conduct. UNSW's research foundations are built upon standards of excellence, truthfulness, ethical actions and legally permissible conduct.

Research Integrity is UNSW’s commitment to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes responsible research conduct. This framework encompasses honesty and accuracy, objectivity, confidentiality, accountability, ethical conduct, and research safety. 

All newly enrolled candidates are automatically registered for a Research Integrity online course. This course includes a compulsory assessment comprising 16 multiple choice questions which you must successfully pass (85%+).

After you enrol, you will receive an email from the Researcher Development Unit with a login key and some details on how to complete the course.

For more information, visit UNSW Research Integrity.


Research Integrity