Once your thesis has been approved and you have been cleared for graduation, you will be sent a letter confirming that you are now eligible for graduation. In the lead up to your graduation ceremony, you will need submit your final digital copies to the library and prepare for your graduation ceremony.


Submit Final Digital Copies to the Library

All candidates who satisfy the requirements for the award of their degree must submit two digital versions of their thesis to the Library, one public and one confidential.

The public version will be made available online immediately, unless you have requested an embargo period. If you have any third party copyright material in your thesis for which permission for public access has not been given, you will need to modify the public version of your thesis to exclude this material.

If you are applying for an embargo on your thesis for a period of two years or less, you can indicate this at the point that you submit the two final digital copies of your thesis to the Library. If you now realise that you need to embargo your thesis for a period longer than two years, please refer to the restricted access application process outlined in Before Submission.

The confidential version of your thesis will be archived by the Library, and should contain the following documents:

Please be aware that you will not receive your testamur at your graduation ceremony if you have not submitted the digital copies of your thesis.

More information about these final digital copies can be found in the Thesis Format Guide.


Preparing for Graduation

There are three steps to graduation:

1. Completion letter confirming that your thesis has been approved

2. Degree Conferral

3. Graduation Ceremony



Conferral is an administrative process by which your degree is awarded to you. This means that you are considered a graduate of UNSW once your conferral date has passed, and you are entitled to use your qualification and title.

The conferral process is separate from the graduation ceremony and does not affect your entitlement to attend the graduation ceremony.



Once your thesis has been approved and you receive your completion letter, the Graduations Team will allocate you to the next available conferral. The Graduations Team will also allocate you to a ceremony approximately two months before the next round of ceremonies. 

The date of your graduation ceremony will depend on when your award is conferred. In order to manage graduate numbers, there are three deadlines for inclusion in one of the May, August or December ceremonies.