Important Changes to NHMRC & ARC Documentation





What is GrantConnect

  • GrantConnect is the authoritative source of information in relation to all Grant Opportunities and Grant Opportunity Guidelines - this includes Grant Guidelines (formerly known as Funding Rules) for all schemes under the National Competitive Grants Programs (NCGP)
  • All non-corporate Commonwealth entities, including the Australian Research Council (ARC) and National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) must only publish scheme documentation on GrantConnect to meet the requirements under the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs)
  • The change to GrantConnect has also seen a change in terminology - Funding Rules are now known as Grant Guidelines (or Grant Opportunity Guidelines) and Funding Agreements will be known as Grant Agreements
  • For more information visit the GrantConnect website


How to access GrantConnect



For more information on GrantConnect visit