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An overview of the application process to conduct gene technology research at UNSW.

Gene Technology Research Committee Approval Applications

Do I need approval? 

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Alerting the GTRC about incidents involving organisms or facilities identified in the UNSW Biological Materials Research Procedure: please refer to Section 8 and alert ASAP, in addition to other Health & Safety reporting requirements

UNSW Gene Technology Research Committee
Complaints, allegation of non-compliance and grievances

UNSW has established a complaints, allegations of non-compliance and grievances framework for UNSW staff, students and persons external to the University to ensure transparency and oversight of research aligned with RECS portfolios.

Complaints about the conduct of research involving gene technology and/or Risk Group 3 micro-organisms by UNSW staff, students and visitors as well as instances of research conducted without the appropriate approval or not in accordance with the GTRC approval should be directed to the Acting Director Research Ethics and Compliance Support (RECS), Samela Husakovic ( Where deemed appropriate, matters may be referred to the UNSW Conduct & Integrity Office (

To access the UNSW complaints pathway, including explanations on how to submit a complaint, please check here.

Grievances about GTRC review processes should be addressed directly to the Director RECS to be assessed against institutional and legislative frameworks.