Guide to PRSS Travel at UNSW

Graduate Research School

Travelling on UNSW business

All postgraduate research candidates travelling on UNSW business, including attending conferences supported by PRSS funding, must comply with the UNSW Travel Policy and Procedures. Please ensure you read the relevant information in the Related links as well as below.

1) Check traveller health and safety requirements

  • Check the DFAT website and International SOS (iSOS) for the latest travel advice before requesting international travel.
  • Candidates cannot travel to destinations noted by Smart Traveller as "Reconsider your need to Travel" or "Do Not Travel" without the permission of the Director of the Graduate Research School and notification to the Risk Management Unit.

2) Get approval

  • All travel must be approved within the candidate's Faculty or Division. For travel booked on Serko (see 3, below), this approved is done online.  For all other travel (see 3, below), the Travel Approval Form must be completed and retained with the candidate's School.

3) Book and Register your travel

  • The preferred method of booking travel is via the UNSW Travel Management system Serko. Your travel profile Serko is linked to your School/Unit/Faculty (not the Graduate Research School), who can provide advice if you encounter problems with this process. Travel details are automatically loaded into iSOS MyTrips.
  • You can also book your travel through the UNSW Preferred Travel AgentsTravel details are automatically loaded into iSOS MyTrips.
  • Alternatively, you may book directly with airlines or through other travel sites. If travel is booked through these sites, then you must record your travel details in iSOS MyTrips, including any changes to itinerary. A Guide to MyTrips is available on the Finance Travel Safety website.
  • See the Finance Travel Safety website for further information.

4) Final Preparations

  • You should ensure that your details in myUNSW and MyTrips are current and your contact information is up to date.
  • Pre-Departure information is available at UNSW International Centre.


Travel Insurance

Candidates who have followed all appropriate procedures and are attending the approved conference are considered to be travelling on University business. If this is the case they are covered by the University Travel Insurance policy. Candidates must check the policy and make sure it is appropriate for them, as they may need to consider obtaining additional cover.